Surprise Easter Hunt!

Happy Easter! I've got a surprise for all of the readers of Swordroll's Blog - a bit of a hunt! And if you're persistent and quick, you might end up with your very own, randomly colored Shenlong Dragon pet!

As of this post, there are 12 puzzle pieces hidden in random posts around the blog... Wizard101 isn't the only one who can do puzzles! And there aren't too outrageously many places to look like over on Wizard101 Central's egg hunt!

Search for all 12 pieces, then print them out and assemble them or edit them together in your favorite editing program, and send them in to! Please put "Easter Contest" in the subject line.

The first person to correctly place all twelve pieces together will receive a code for a randomly colored Shenlong Dragon pet! Please note that this code is only valid in the US version of Wizard101.

The contest continues until someone wins!

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Good luck, and Happy Easter from Swordroll's Blog! Thanks for reading and see you in the Spiral!


  1. I can only find 11 puzzle pieces.

  2. I can only find 11 puzzle pieces. Elijah did you find the top middle one yet?


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