The Emperor's Attic Pack!

It may not be Avalon, but Wizard101 is giving us something new - the Emperor's Attic Pack! No, it doesn't mean a chance at rare tickets that increase attic space, but it does mean that we get to potentially unload an attic worthy of the Emperor of MooShu himself! With eight new interactive items, and over sixty new items altogether, the Emperor's Attic Pack is sure to be a favorite! If you're lucky, you might even snag the expensive, or very difficult to craft, Tag Game!

I decided that I'd like to try the Emperor's Attic Pack, but I needed enough crowns for Avalon, which mean that there was definitely a pack limit! Here's a few of my first, notable packs:

You can create a lot of potential MooShu areas here. Take this Armor Area, for example.

Or this area, for those well versed in potion making!

How about a Palace Bank?

And, seated at the front, would be the Emperor himself!

After my Ice character had filled up on items, I headed to my Myth, who bought one or two more.

In one, he received two of the interactive items - the Bonsai Plant and the Decorative Cannon!

Some of the items were used to create the image at the top of the post! As far as interactive items go, I received the Bonsai Plant, the Decorative Cannon, the Lion Cauldron, the Indoor Shrine, and some of the Bobbleheads.

I decided that I had the crowns for one last pack... in which I received the Tag Game! I was trilled, because this alone saved either 2000 crowns or hours of gathering reagents to craft it!

I definitely like the Emperor's Attic Pack, and if I come by a few more crowns, might consider a few more. In the meantime, I'm saving the last of them for Avalon! Thanks for reading, and see you in the Spiral!

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  1. i think that the tag game is cool and something that ki hit on the head. ps nice house and design ideas :)


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