What's New? - Wizard101 US and UK updates!

It's time to take a minute to update you on what's happening in the US and UK! There are some new worlds here and there, important parties, and sales of all kinds! Check out the latest news for both sides of Wizard101!

Lets start with the US!

Super Crowns Sale. Check out the following page for some great deals - up to 50% off crowns! Buy 'em while you can, though, because this amazing sale ends April 9th! https://www.wizard101.com/game/super-crowns-sale

Mystery Puzzle. The next world is around the corner, and KingsIsle is giving you the chance to get an early sneak peek! Check out the Mystery Puzzle Page for more information, and keep your eyes on the fansites for more pieces - there are 60 in all!

Spirit of Nature in the Crown Shop! The Spirit of Nature pet is currently available in the Crown shop for a limited time. He's the perfect Spring companion, so get him while you can!

What's new in the UK?

Wysteria! Check out the latest Wizard101 world of Wysteria, now available in the live game for members! Explore all new quests, storylines, future world hints, and even a tournament! Be careful, though, because you might appear to be more of a threat than you know!

Spring Crown Items! Pat O'Gold has arrived, and the Crown Shop has been cleared out and filled with Spring goodies, so be sure to check them out!

House Party! To celebrate the recent Wysteria update, Wizard101 UK will be hosting a house party, complete with Gameforge Support! The party is on Friday the 13th. Visit Mason's page for more information!  http://thelifeofawizard.wordpress.com/2012/04/04/wizard101-uk-gm-meet-and-greet-house-party/

As for my four-part post series, that will need to continue into this month, delaying this month's topic to May. Until later, see you in the Spiral!


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