Avalon Journal Day 1

Writing From: Caliburn and High Road; Avalon

I've always said that my favorite part of a new world is the area - the design, landscape, structures, etc. If you put Young Morganthe in a Wizard City tower, it wouldn't be half as exciting. As such, I didn't want to reveal the look of the locations in the new world, and so I kept out of any pictures. Now I'm super excited!

My days started early as always, but I managed to squeeze in some time this morning. What I didn't realize was that the game began before Wizard101 even loaded. The waiting game, that is.

Before long, I was in-game and ready to go. I started at Merle Ambrose, and progressed to the Emperor of MooShu, where I began learning more about the Council of Light. The Emperor then directed me to collect some old scrolls guarded by a Jade-Oni type creature. It was a simple battle for my Death, who easily stole health back, but constant Forest Lord in the face and few healing options left my Storm crippled. Thanks to a critical, he barely made it out alive.

After we'd learned out history, we returned to Ambrose to discover some sort of disturbance in the tower next door. Then we saw he... Morganthe! Ambrose could only watch as she shattered the Spiral crystal, and the beautiful world display that went with it. Ambrose quickly banished her, but not before she could warn us of her plan!

She had to be stopped, and the only thing that would do it was the Sword of Kings... hidden deep in the realm of Avalon.

Upon arrival in Caliburn, I met a wounded knight in need of assistance, and so I tracked down his weapons, and recruited an old potion-maker to concoct an anti-poison. However, it required the poison from the very beast that bit the knight. Naturally, I'm called to the rescue of everyone.

That first boss battle in Avalon was fantastic! It was not a speedy battle, not too easy, but not extremely long and drawn out, either - not too difficult. Here's basically how the fight happened.

The Boss: "Hissssssss"
Me: "What a lovely cave you have here"

The rest is really just details. Anyway, we saved the knight, and continued on to a man... or dog, rather, that the sword was supposedly given to. But he'd given it to someone else for safekeeping. After rustling a few mobs, we headed over to a tower with two fairly difficult bosses inside. Let me say, it was a well-designed, multi-level mini-castle. If they create Avalon homes similar to this, I'd be thrilled.

After finally defeating the last boss, I realized that I had not yet located the dungeon in which I was standing, as per the quest goal. And so, I had to do the instance over.

Eventually, I was told of an essential map, stored inside the city. The gate, however, was guarded by a, well, guard. He could only be challenged by those with a rank of Squire or higher.

And so, I had to, as traditional would have it, carry out a few good deeds, run an errand or two, etc., and become a Squire. I then challenged the knight in a beautiful building with wooden ramps leading farther and farther toward the top. It was quite impressive. Can this be in my castle, too?

Finally, I passed over the bridge into Caer Lyon, where I only caught a glimpse of the wonderful city, which I will look into tomorrow.

That's all for today. Thanks for reading, and see you in the Spiral!

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  1. That was amazing, I'm glad they'll be more, it sounds more like a story and the amount of detail in the post? Wow!

    Anyway, good job Swordroll.


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