Avalon Journal Day 3

Writing From: The Wild; Avalon

After two days in Avalon already, the excitement had yet to die down, as I continued on my path through what I thought to be the best world yet! Today, I spent quite a long time in Caer Lyon and The Wild. You see, right when I thought I was finished with Caer Lyon, I received a quest to return there. And another one. And another one. As it turns out, nearly everyone owns an estate in that place!

My day began with the White Owl Tower. To begin, we, which I suppose is only me in two forms, fought an enemy owl outside the tower, but within the instance. Then, we freed a small unicorn, who used her magic to grow a magic vine up the tower.

Inside, I searched shelves, tables, and windowsills for potions and other ingredients to mix into a pot. Careless as I was, I missed the hint, and tested a few things. My mistake summoned a 10,000 health boss and three 2,500 health minions.

After that fight, I headed downstairs to yet another angry bird, who I defeated, and rescued a knight... the thing was, he didn't have the Sword of Kings, either. I was sent to a Fire Elf Village. One that was completely frozen over.

A Winter Wyrm had frozen the entire village and supposedly the man who had the Sword of Kings. I went to retrieve a living ember from a local fountain, but was distracted by a fox, wanting to hear from her brother... in Caer Lyon. It had to do with being a Fire Knight. He, however, had been beaten by a giant, and was quick to point out that it was not fun. He said that she could be the new Fire Knight for all he cared! Naturally, I had to defeat a giant for the armor and return it to her.

Now, despite my magic wings, I needed my shoes enchanted. A leprechaun in a nearby village would do it for me. Except he had no nails, they were stolen by Fire Treants. Up until this point, I'd been feeling fairly lucky, because I'd had no mob fights yet, but my luck had run out. Keep in mind that this is after multiple boss battles outside in Caer Lyon already.

After I returned, he bent the nails around the soles of my shoes so that they'd grip the ice... sounds like something I might have done myself.

Anyway, after defeating the Winter Wyrm, I thawed out the trainer for level 80 spells, and a egotistic knight who didn't have the sword either.

In summary, I returned to Caliburn, asked about four people if they had it, and ended up back in Caer Lyon searching for this sword.

In time I'd made my way further into The Wild, and located the trainer for my level 70 spells, which I picked up on both of my characters.

After many a fight with the Red Caps, it was time to go to the Wyrd... there was only one problem. The stones from a magic, hanging stone bridge, had all fallen to the ground, making it a normal, stone mess.

To put the bridge back together, I'd have to get the heart of the Jabberwock... not literally, just three stones that he'd swallowed.

And again, no one knew his whereabouts, and so I was sent to locate a Black Knight, who I defeated, to tell me what I needed to know.

Now here's the problem with the Jabberwock. Every other turn, he removes all of the traps on himself, and every three turns, he does a meteor doing over 3,000 damage which increases with every cast. I first went in with friend and fellow blogger, Destiny Soultamer (http://travelsofthethaumaturge.blogspot.com/), but we quickly met our end against two Myth monsters and the Jabberwock.

Destiny had computer troubles, and had to leave. I sent in a request at M4H, where I knew they'd get the job done. About ten minutes in, however, I got a bit restless, and decided to try for myself.

I entered the battle, then had my Storm teleport in so that there'd be only one minion. Despite the fact that I was the only one there on my Death and Storm, I still announced the rounds for good measure.

My cards visited my hand almost perfectly. In the first five rounds, we managed a few shields, a Storm global, and a Dark Pact blade. I never found my Elemental Blade or Stormblade. I quenched the meteors. During round six, he had the 200% feint on himself, and we both used different Feints. The next turn, I used a Curse, and my Storm used Sirens.

To my amazement, it first landed a Critical (which was blocked), and did over 43,000 damage! With only one blade! I'd completed the Jabberwock, and quickly apologized to Katherine Light, who'd come to help.

And with that, I restored the bridge and stepped into The Wyrd...

That's it for today, though. Thanks for reading, and see you in the Spiral!


  1. Sorry for having to go, nice hearing that you bested the Jabberwock!

    "One, two! A crit! and through and through
    Swordroll's only blade went snicker-snack!
    He was smart, and took its heart,
    He went galumphing back."


  2. Interesting post. Sword of Kings is the item/weapon Wizards can use after they complete the last main dungeon/instance in Avalon, every school can use it there's a post on Central (Test Realm perhaps Avalon now by the way).


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