My One-Year Blog-A-Versary!

Exactly one year ago, today, I started a blog. I'd say that I've come some way since the beginning, but don't take my word for it - look at my very first post.

To be honest, I've always, as I said yesterday, "lived under my own little rock". Blogging allows me to openly share my opinions, and has helped me realize my love for it. I started with simple posts about game updates and gave simple descriptions of what went on... I slowly moved into larger posts, debates, top 10's, tips, tricks, and more. Over the past year, I've posted 162 times, and I've had some popular posts, and some decent posts that haven't been read very often.

Here's my top ten most popular posts in the past year:

  1. A Look at New Avalon Spells (Levels 70, 72, 75, 80)
  2. Analyzing the Level 68 Spells, Plant-A-Palooza, and December Newsletter
  3. Kirin's Hoard Pack: A First Look
  4. Feature Post: Potential New Worlds Revealed In Video
  5. Grub Guardian Feedback and a Guide
  6. New Segment: Feature Posts
  7. AVALON (Plus Pictures) and Shenlong Dragon Winner
  8. Exclusive Interview With Dave Greco, Lead Concept Artist for KingsIsle Entertainment
  9. "The Unknown Pet Files," Question of the Week, and Interesting Pictures
  10. Raven's Hoard Pack and "Unknown Pet Files" Update

I enjoy writing almost all of my posts, but here's a few that I really liked:

  1. 20 Signs You're Addicted to Wizard101, and Now You're Playing With Teleporters
  2. Top 10 Instances, Halloween is Almost Over, the Nightmare Pack is Retiring, and Unicorns
  3. Morganthe Theorycrafting and Super Crowns Sale For One Day Only!
  4. Where Our Spells Are Headed
  5. Exclusive Interview With Mason Swiftblade, A Wizard101 UK Player! (Before everyone knew him so well)
  6. The Top Five Rarest Treasure Cards and Where to Find Them
  7. 100th Post Special - Wizard101 Advanced Lighting, New Poll, and Question for Readers
  8. Top Five Rarest Pets and Where to Find Them
  9. Take The Quiz - Which Astral School Is Right For You?

In my one year's time, I've met a lot of other great bloggers and learned a lot as well. A one year anniversary such as this calls for celebrations - and you'll be getting the gifts! Everyone who participates will receive one KIFG code, and you'll have the chance to double your loot, or even try for a larger prize!

You'll have to wait for more information, however, as I'm going in for minor surgery this morning.

If you are reading this post, you represent the reason I love to blog. The readers - and their comments, feedback, and questions - fuel a blogger's work. That's the reason that I sign off each post with a thank you to all of those reading... until later, I'll see you in the Spiral!


  1. Congrats Swordroll! :) You have an awesome blog- Keep up the good work!

  2. Hats, hoods, helmets, and masks off to you, my friend! I have been reading your blog since July, and it has grown and prospered! May your next year of blogging be bigger, better, and even more enjoyable (if that is possible)!
    Keep Traveling!

  3. Love your posts :)
    Good luck with the surgery!

  4. Congrats Swordroll :D Always loved your posts, and I look forward to read your newest posts, and hope the surgery goes well :D.

  5. Swordroll my friend.
    Happy 1 year blogging! You have an awesome blog and I read it often!


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