Patriotic Leprechaun, Feedback Friday, and New Prepaid Game Cards!

I'd say that that Patriotic Leprechaun banner is worth opening full-size! It's pretty neat. But, there's a watermark... why is that? Honestly, when you visit Facebook pages that have basically regurgitated all of your photos and illustrations, your kindness with watermarking sinks.

Instead of a full-opacity words watermark, I went with more of a texture one. Anyway, the banner sums the first bit of news up - the Patriotic Leprechaun is available for a limited time only in the Crown Shop (and probably as a holiday drop)! You can purchase it for 2500 crowns! See it's talents on Petnome here:!

Next up, Falmea is back with another Feedback Friday. I've always been interested in Feedback Friday because it's essentially a look into the future. Oftentimes what they're asking about is added into the game, so you have to keep your eyes out.

The customizable housing signs, for example, started in Feedback Friday when they asked about what you'd want a sign in your house to say. It's definitely worth checking out! This week, Falmea wants to know, "How do you feel about the ability to find a group for dungeons?"

The options are:

- Never, I always have friends on that will help me.
- Usually it's fine, but sometime I have trouble finding a group.
- Sometimes I find a group, and sometimes I don't.
- I frequently have trouble finding help.
- I'm so awesome, I can take on everything in the Spiral by myself!
- I usually just purchase my help in the form of Henchmen.

Finally, there are brand new prepaid cards available! Really, they aren't actually new, just old AAFES cards available at a new location. The store Meijer is now selling them as well! You might stop by and pick one up, because July offers some brand new pets! Here's a photo!

That's it for now! Thanks for reading, and see you in the Spiral!

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