So You Want to Be A Pirate? Lesson 1: How To Talk Like a Pirate!

A few of us #twizards were looking up pirate translators yesterday, and came across some interesting changes and additions to phrases and words. Here's a couple of translated words and phrases to prepare you, or rather, ye, for the upcoming game, Pirate101!

English - Pirate
Hello - Ahoy
Good - Jolly
Cool - Arrr
Fly - Sail
You/Your - Ye
My - Me
And - 'N
Hot - Steamin'
Death - Davy Jones' treasure chest
Dead - In Davy Jones' treasure chest
Boy - Jim laddie
Girl - Lass
Man - Scurvy Dog
Father - Salty sea-dog 'o a father
Funny - Hardyharhar
Go - Be off
I want - I be needin'
The - Th'
Nearby - broadside
There - Thar
For - Fer
It's - 'tis
Old - Barnacle-covered
Of - 'o
Kitchen - Mess hall
Pants - knickers
Night - Nightfall
Spirit - Devil's henchman
Friend - Bucko
World - Seven Seas
See - Spy wit' ye eye
Words ending in -ing - Replace g with ' (e.g. Finding - Findin')

So, what interestin' phrases can all 'o ye readers come up wit'? Leave a comment, 'n we'll take a look at ye scurvy pirate speak! 

Hearty thanks fer readin' 'n spy wit' ye eye ye in th' Spiral!


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