Travel Tips for UK Wizards - Making the Transition From Zafaria to Avalon!

A while back, Wizard101 UK got Zafaria. That can only mean one thing - Avalon is on the way! Let me tell you now, Avalon is a step up from Zafaria. The final battle in Zafaria was four 4,000 health enemies. Beware - before you're done with Avalon, the street mobs will have that much health! And how about those lovely 5,000 to 8,000 health bosses? You won't find one boss under 10,000 health in Avalon. You'll even find some around 25,000, and several 15,000 health bosses that cheat!

I am used to two accounts, and the two characters I use are not the best schools, and are certainly not the top of their class.

Even with both of those characters, some of the Avalon bosses can still be a challenge! Enemies are now only utility spells behind us, which means they have the health and pip advantage, and have taken away our upper hand where spells are concerned. There are a number of ways to tackle Avalon, one of which can truly change your odds... friends!

Unlike minions and henchman, friends can be twisted and forced to do what you say assisted in making spell choices. You have one boss and one minion, and add only one minion for each additional friend, greatly improving your odds.

Above is a picture of me helping out a friend of mine - all three of us are Death, and this is a big Fire boss with a few different kinds of minions. While it seems an unlikely success, the three of us easily pulled out a win, and all with full health as well, and pips left over. It was that battle that backed up the power of friends.

Of course, friends aren't always available, and aren't always as willing to help. The UK also has a group of Mercenaries for Hire, but you must put in a request, wait for a response, and then meet up with a helper.

Instead of waiting on assistance with every tough battle in Avalon (and believe me, there are plenty), pack your deck in a way that will allow for easier battles.

For a long time, people have complained about the use of Treasure Cards in PvP, how it's unfair, etc. The truth is that treasure cards are a part of your deck, and NOT using them is like ignoring part of your setup... like not equipping a certain piece of gear! And, just like with PvP, treasure cards can be extremely useful in PvE.

Don't worry, you won't spend hours farming for these cards!

If Zafaria, stop by the library is the Baobab Crown. The librarian there sells Monstrous for 250 gold apiece, which can offer a cheap increase to spells if you haven't trained these Sun school cards. He also sells Satyrs, and Tower Shields (along with the Wizard City librarian). And if you're going in for the Jabberwock, be sure to pick up some Fire dispels!

The Wizard City and Krokotopia libraries also sell shields for every school, which are quite helpful in Avalon. Consider all of your enemies and their starting pips. You might get any Rank 9 spell on the first  or second round! A shield can help you avoid much of this damage, and for a 0 pip cost, it's hard to beat.

One of the other cool spells sold at those shops are the Fairy spells. While they are quite expensive, these are the ones that can be used on any player for a cost-effective two pips. Turn your Storm into an instant healer with these or Satyrs (which are actually cheaper than Fairies).

Come to think of it, they also sell Elemental and Spiritual blades and traps!

You can also take a look at the Bazaar, which oftentimes sports stackable Feints, blades, and traps. You might pick up a boosted "global" spell, as well.

If you're still struggling, there are plenty of people to assist you, and the Mercenaries For Hire can certainly get the job done quickly! Still, don't give up after the first attempt, you'd be surprised how much better your hand of cards might look on a second run.

While you're waiting on Avalon, enjoy Zafaria, and start stocking up on those cards (and friend-minions, too!). Thanks for reading, and see you in the Spiral!

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