New Pirate101 Fansite Kit and Behind the Scenes at Swordroll's Blog

Pirate101 has recently opened applications for becoming official! Here's your opportunity to be a part of the official Pirate101 community! You can submit your fansite on the Pirate101 website at! Meanwhile, you can be decorating your blog or website with the new fansite kit! The kit includes the wooden containers seen at, as well as some interesting map backgrounds and headers! You can also get background images, concept art, helpful links, icons, logos, NPCs, and more! I've also got some news for you regarding Swordroll's Blog!

For the past few months, a new design had been in the works for the blog. If you are currently viewing this website in Internet Explorer, you are not viewing the full site. IE does not support the CSS required to round the corners of every gadget and blog post. Instead, IE rounds only the top corners of the blog posts, and ignores the gadgets altogether. I'm a slight perfectionist, and so, for me, this just won't do. I need a template that works with all browsers and resolutions.

Besides the universality of the design, it MAY also host a number of other mouse-over features, including drop-down menus. I'm hoping to offer readers resources here that makes communication, questions, and gameplay much easier. I'd also like to include some more elements purely for the fun of it.

Don't worry, though, I'll be checking on many others' opinions before implementing any of these features.

In the coming weeks, you'll likely see updates to current pages, including Zeke Quests and Grub Guardian Guide. Later this year, I expect to have some larger guides up.

In other news, I've moved the Pirate101 Game Information and Pirate101 posts over to this blog. The blogs will, in fact, be combined.

Have an opinion on the preview? A new feature that should definitely be included? Let me know!

Thanks for reading, and see you in the Spiral!

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