More on the Pagoda Gauntlet Bundle and Pony Express Sale!

A day after the supposed release of the Pagoda Gauntlet bundle, we're beginning to realize that Target seems to have launched the cards early! Not only does the tower appear to have some bugs, but the card also gives you two sets of gear - some for level 10 and up, and some for level 20 and up. It also appears that the bow is not included.

Here's a picture of what the new gear looks like:

Right now, as I said, you get two sets. Here are a few pieces:

Remember yesterday, when I said that once you were in, you wouldn't be able to get back into the house? That's still true - see for yourself. The top picture is of the exit - it's a world gate!

Here's the mount!

All above photos courtesy of TheMusician on Wizard101 Central. Used With permission.

Finally, Wizard101 is having a three day sale - the Pony Express Sale! For the next three days, you can get the following mounts for 50% off! 

Nightflame Pegasus
Skyracer Pegasus
Dream Filly
Moonlight Pony
Black Stallion
Starshine Pony
Chestnut Pony

Take advantage of this limited-time offer!

That's all for today! Thanks for reading, and see you in the Spiral!


  1. Shoot, I was going to go to Target today, but didn't need to. Should've picked one up... :/

  2. Wow!! you can get critical chance at Lvl 20!?! That's so cool!!

  3. Wow!! you can get critical chance at Lvl 20!?! That's so cool!!

  4. Still not at targets around the dallas area (Where kings isle is)

  5. As I said, there are still some problems with the card, and it probably isn't SUPPOSED to be released yet.

  6. hello, i was wondering did you buy this?
    Do you think KI will release some news about this soon?

  7. @Anonymous - Nope, I visited a friend who was in a house with this Pagoda. It isn't yet available, except in select locations. I don't recommend buying it if you find it, because it has several bugs, including few gear choices and no wand. Honestly, I'm not sure when the card will come out - that will be when they announce it officially.


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