Malistaire the Undying: A Theory

Malistaire - in Aquila (*cough* or Empyrea)? What exactly happened to Malistaire? Can we expect him to return for the finale? If this is the finale. And what about him and Morganthe? How did he suddenly get so angry... too much time with his wife in the afterlife? A lot of questions seem to remain. Let's take a look at those.

Release the Test Realm!

Right now, we aren't so much concerned with whether or not it's a main or side world, finale or not, Morganthe or not. It might not even be new content. Pirate101 had some Polaris style art used as launchers in December. RELEASE THE TEST REALM! (If animation is not playing, click)

Morganthe and the Immortals

We've seen two completed arcs so far, and both ended in almost waking up a titan. There's only one left, and he happens to fit perfectly into Aquila... or Empyrea. (And you know, the two may be the same thing or subdivisions of each other.) The Storm Titan. Imagine this - Morganthe needs a great distraction in the Spiral to turn the attention away from her while she... takes it over.

The Storm Titan would wreak havoc across a number of worlds, providing her the perfect opportunity to harness her song of creation. All she has to do in convince the immortals.

After all of them, even Hades, refuses to work with her against the gods, she realizes that that's for the best anyway. To make full use of their power, they must feel like they're in control. She poses as one of the gods and makes use of one of the meetings with the Council of Light.

Her song of creation has taken full effect, and Aquila is under attack. She persuades the gods to release the titan, hoping he will see the destruction happening in his own realm and stop it. But she has other plans. The Storm Titan is released and Aquila is partially destroyed. Only by the power of a chosen wizard and Merle Ambrose himself, along with the Council of Light, can stop the threat and defeat Morganthe.

Wait, Where's Malistaire?

I don't believe Malistaire the Undying is returning in this story arc. I don't think he'll be a part of Aquila... or Empyrea.

We first saw Malistaire the Undying in Azteca, when Morganthe broken open his sarcophagus and brought him back to life as her Dark Servant. What caused Malistaire to be so enraged after he was seemingly perfectly happy in the afterlife a few worlds back. And then... to introduce him for one world and send him away? Seems a bit odd, right?

A Third Arc?

I believe Malistaire the Undying is the third arc villain... if there is to be a third arc. A seed was planted for him in Azteca... he was made evil again by Morganthe. At the end of the Azteca *spoiler* the ground around him, bearing some odd symbols, breaks, and he is tossed into the darkness of the Spiral after Morganthe had already departed.

I think that we'll have more trouble after this Morganthe finale, and when we go to investigate, at the end of the first world in a new arc, we'll discover that Malistaire the Undying has returned.


What do you think we'll see in Aquila - how do you think it'll end? And what about Malistaire the Undying? Will he return? And how? 

Thanks for reading and see you in the Spiral!


  1. I agree we will see the Triton titan however Malistaire being a third arch villain I could see angerering a lot of players. I can already see them calling out KI saying they are lazy and have no originality which would be sort of true, if they can't come up with a new threat other than their original villain who just "came back to life". I honestly didn't understand him in xibalba anyway, why is he mad at us, last I recall in DS he was happy to be back with Silvia and wasn't angry just missed his wife. Then in Azteca he is furious for what, giving him his wish? I mean killing someone is pretty bad but it is what he wanted, Cyrus said right out "You can't bring her back...I miss my brother but he got what he wished". So it would make a kinda crappy story to be "I HATE YOU WIZARD, grr, you killed me! I know want to kill you" and that is his motive? It would be really bring the quality of the storyline down from amazing with storylines like Morganthe and the Armada in Pirate101, to just a cheesy story we have seen in countless tales of a good guy and the bad guy who wants to see him dead. At least children's movies explain, he is jealous or he is greedy. The original Malistaire storyline was cheesy but explained why he did what he did, to bring his wife back. The new one as you put it would mean, we have five worlds with him chasing after us going "YOU dang kid! *shakes fist in anger* Come back here!" or the same one as before with resurecting Silvia. I see him being a side world if anything since I really don't want to go to another 5 worlds knowing the overall story is he doesn't like me. And honestly a lot of people would be frustrated as well.

    1. People will always be rude to KingsIsle about updates, but I see your point.

      I'm still not entirely sure why he's so angry. I assume it's some Morganthe enchantment, and that's why they added him in the second arc... so that when he returns he wouldn't randomly be angry and after us.

      Of course, I'm still of the opinion that this will be the final main storyline update for Wizard101, but we'll see...

    2. Cunning Finnigan Sharp here!
      Um...I think you guys are really missing some major pieces in discussion of Malistaire the Undying. I've done the Great Spyre a number of times a remember how everything went down.

      You remember the Great Spyre right? And how Malistaire tried to ressurect Sylvia. Well after his defeat, he tells TO SYLVIA that he only wanted to free her from death. She says she's in a better place now and that he can rest now. However, it was never guaranteed that he went away restfully (even with his beloved).

      Not only that, but remember, he was talking TO SYLVIA. He wasn't refering to us. And let's look at all the bad we did to him:
      1. We killed him after he tried to do a good, a break through in magic
      2. Foiled his plot in freeing Sylvia from death
      3. Ruined his undead empire across the Spiral

      Yeah, he has plenty to be mad at US about. Why his anger has returned, I do not know, but I don't agree with Nicholas that it's going to be some running around story (we know KI can do better). I've seen in many shows and stories (James Dashner's The 13th Reality book series where Mistress Jane tries multiple ploys to take over the Multiverse and create a Utopia at any cost and the show Super-Robot-Monkey-Team-Hyper-Force-Go!(try saying that ten times fast), the Skeleton King reappeared many times with in a different way and a different reason to rule the galaxy).

      I don't think KI would be lazy for reusing Malistaire. Malistaire was very well approved and bringing him back made many people happy. Also it shows potential to tell a new story with him (even if it is for the same reasons...) I don't really mind this because I like Malistaire's new look and his reappearance poses many thoughts in my head.

      This is most certainly NOT the last story for Wizard101. Maybe for awhile yes, but a new quest will arise and a new future for the PC will compence. If you don't believe me, check out my post titled "2nd Arc Finle: Things KI Should Consider" under The Dorms on the Wizard101 Message Boards. Can't miss it as it's a hot one (same author name). Professor Greyrose confirms there will be many more stories for Wizard101. Blind Mew also confirms that when the El Dorado story is complete, they'll make a new story for P101. Why wouldn't KI do the same for Wizard101?

      When that new story will come, I don't know, but I feel a Third Arc is on the way and the Council of Light will play a major role. (After a much diserved side world of course. Gobblerton! I hope...) As for your theory, it's not bad really, but I'll wait and see what KI had in mind though :P.

    3. One other thing, yeah, you could be right. It is possible Morganthe had some kind of cause for Malistaire's anger. Maybe she'll explain it right before we stop her.

  2. Doesn't Empyrea have sky squids? lol

    1. Yes, but there are actually enemies named "Sky Squid" in Aquila.

    2. Okay, I agree, there's been countless stories where the first villain is always brought back...and with this new look to Malistaire it woudld be certainly intersesting...and BTW we didn't kill Malistaire...he died due to a weak body after being exposed to the Titan magic or he perished when Silvia well Malistaire does have plenty to be angry for and there's a huge chance Morganthe played a role in Malistaire's anger...she resuructed him from death as a Wraith...and he still had intentions to destroy us before he lost thought in Sivlia's eyes...and if you look up what a wraith is you'll find that they're soul purpose is to kill something from when they were alive and then they'll return to death as before I continue I'd like to say farewell and the world is clearly Aquilla with a chance of Empyrea being a premium area in it...farewell...and thanks for the theories...

    3. Actually, Malistaire, when he was defeated, appeared to be falling (he threw his arms backward instead of dissolving or slipping into the ground.)

    4. Then his body must have been weakening do to the awe inspiring power of the Dragon Titan...

  3. I noticed problems with Malistaire the Undying:

    1. Why is he buried in Azteca? If he is HUMAN, would he not be buried in a HUMAN-majority world? What in the heck would he mean to Azteca?
    This would make sense if he faked his own death in dragonspyre by casting an illusion of he and Sylvia. That way, if he fled to Azteca, he could have died from injuries he sustained in the battle. Or illness from being a drifter.

    2. He is shorter than Morganthe, who is obviously female. The average height for a woman is, like, 5'6"-5'8"...I think. While it is also apparent that Morganthe could be very tall or wearing high heals, it does not explain why a man who is probably at least 7 feet tall would be risen from the dead as being shorter than a tall female. At least, in most images I've seen of him undead, he was shorter than her. Tell me I am not the only one who sees this.

    1. 1. He was actually in a Dragonspyre sarcophagus, so it was probably taken from Dragonspyre (though my question is - who buried the body?).

      2. Wizard101 definitely has some weird height comparisons. Maybe you shrink in the afterlife? :P

    2. I find I kinda sad that they made Malistaire definitely dead and I'm not precisely sure why. The reason why I said "definitely" is because I actually had some concepts where he did survive (fake departing into the afterlife the same way his brother summoned Sylvia)and reemerged on the right side of the law. My idea was that he had some personal vendetta against Morganthe...
      At any rate, that was probably a bad idea to doubt Malistaire's role as a stereotypical villain-type. And his demise.
      But I still like to speculate how they could twist on the Azteca events. Like the size of Malistaire the Undying compared to Morganthe. That, to me, is indicative of something being off. I'm probably just paying too much attention to this matter because of my own interest in the character. I doubt having there be any fraudulence in the death and undeath of Malistaire Drake would be viable.
      However, him being thrown into space certainly indicates the possibility for him to crash SOMEWHERE where we end up. Maybe he'll crash in Wizard City and give Prof. Cyrus Drake the heevee-geevees. Chances are, there might have been some people wanting Malistaire to still be alive so KI just wanted to make sure that Mr.Drake was deader than a doornail. Just to make it clear, you know. "Alright, everybody. We don't have to worry about Malistaire. Look at him. He is a WRAITH. Don't believe me? Here is his TOMB. He walked out of it with MORGANTHE. She is the bad guy, now. Then he went into the darkness of SPACE. That means he will never be drawn in by the gravity of or collide with any world you will see because he is DEAD. Logic."

    3. In the aftelife you body shrivels and shortens so that's why...and I also questioned who buried the body, perhaps it was his henchmen...

  4. In addition to Nicholas LionRider's comment, i would like to add the thought that Malistaire chasing after us, shaking his fist in anger and yelling "YOU dang kids! Get back here!" reminds me a lot of Scooby-Doo, where the villain at the end of every episode says, "And I would have gotten away with it, too, if it weren't for you meddling kids and your dog!" whereas here it would be, "And I would have gotten away with it, too, if it weren't for you meddling Wizards and your pets!"

    --Olivia DragonHeart, lvl 21 Diviner.


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