Pirate101 Class Housing Tours

Pirate101 Class Houses Tour

Pirate101 released class houses this morning - the Swashbuckler's Rake's Lagoon, Witchdoctor's Haunted Grotto, Buccaneer's Skullrock Stronghold, Privateer's Commodore's Garrison, and Musketeer's Sharpshooter's Citadel. All have special tricks... and there are class furniture sets to go with them!

All Five House Tours

I've put together a video of all of the houses below. You can see several of the special tricks and all of what these awesome new homes have to offer! The limits are 250 inside and outside. Maps are shown. Each one has a PvP arena. This video is available in HD! (Video edits are still finishing up at time of post. You can watch this at its highest quality in a larger version on YouTube or fullscreen until then)

A breakdown of the individual houses in provided below. Any class can purchase any house, and can purchase as many as they like. They cost 10,000 crowns or 100,000 gold.

The Swashbuckler Class House: Rake's Lagoon Tour

Pirate101 Class Houses Tour - SwashbucklerSwashbucklers get a lovely house on a moonlit beach. The mood here is perfect for any pirate, though. This house has a beautiful cove and several nice interiors. It has what are likely some of the best interactive items built into the house, including a training platform with ropes, fires, spears, and blades.

The views are beautiful, and there's plenty of space, though not as much as in some other houses. There's also a statue of El Toro. The theme and setup here along with the dark sky make for a perfect setting. Award: Best Mood

The Buccaneer Class House: Skullrock Stronghold Tour

Pirate101 Class Houses Tour - BuccaneerBuccaneers probably have the best effects of any house. They're greeted by a beautiful view and absolutely fantastic lightning and rain effects. There are tons of entrances and exits to this house. It has platforms and ramps galore.

One of the highlights is deep in the caves, where training begins... before facing off against a sky squid! Ready the catapult and fire the fish! Just watch out for ink. Award: Best Effects

The Witchdoctor Class House: Haunted Grotto Tour

Pirate101 Class Houses Tour - WitchdoctorWitchdoctors have one of the best themed houses yet. This beautiful area of grottoes, trees, and magic is perfect for any Witchdoctor or pirate with distant memories of Wizard101 or Avalon. This house reminds me of the Wyrd.

With multiple impressive animations and moving doors, this house is sure to please - assuming you can find your way around in it. It's quite complex, but worth exploring and learning. Did I mention there's a Soul Stream. Yeah, those Witchdoctors can be rather crafty. Award: Best Theme/Colors

The Privateer Class House: Commodore's Garrison Tour

Pirate101 Class Houses Tour - PrivateerThe Privateers get a house that's a bit simpler, but very impressive. It's like a small village. There are multiple houses that connect via sewers and that all lead to the main house. Here, there's a secret door to a planning room - it can be opened and shut behind you.

The exterior is really impressive. There are many textures from Marleybone and it looks similar to parts of Avalon as well. The mood here is a pleasant one, much opposite the stormy and volatile areas of the Buccaneer house. Award: Best Exterior Design 

The Musketeer Class House: Sharpshooter's Citadel Tour

Pirate101 Class Houses Tour - MusketeerThe Musketeer house isn't one you'll get lost in as easily, but it's full of surprises. There are many interactive cannons and handguns around the area, ready to fire. Its numerous towers and levels make it a hotspot for snipers.

The caves, along with the towers, create what is probably the most impressive and well-set-up interior of all the homes. There's a practice range, great views, and plenty of space to place items or just to look around at its beauty. Award: Best Interior Design

Gifting, Furniture, Yum Vendor, and More!

There are a ton of other new updates - read about them all HERE. Ryan is now also an NPC in-game, so check him out. I may do a feature on that later, and/or some other update coverage.

Thanks for reading and see you in the Spiral! Credits: Thanks to Alric Ravensinger and Sorceress Miklai for allowing me to view and record their houses with permission.

Extra-Credit Question

Oh, and dear Allstate: Do you cover minor house damage? Ok, so maybe there's just a small leak...

See their response at: https://twitter.com/Allstate/status/357839876546244608 What do you think of these new houses?


  1. You are welcome anytime, Swordroll. I didn't mind playing the mute Myrella Windspar & giving tours :P


    PS You might want to head to Flotsam Skyway and pick up a few of those wooden boards/planks that are floating around so you can patch up some of those holes in your Buccaneer house :D

  2. Where can you buy them for gold?

    1. In the Crown Shop, next to the Buy button, you'll see that you're paying with crowns. On the preview box, there are two tabs, and one looks like a gold coin. Click to switch to that one, and it should cost 100k gold. When you click Buy, it will ask you to confirm. Again, check that you're paying with gold and then go for it!

  3. It worked! I bought the Witchdoctor one. It really is as awesome as the video.

  4. Wow, the Swashbuckler one is really pretty. Too bad its so expensive in either Crowns or Gold! I'll be saving up!

  5. Which house is your favorite? I am still trying to decide, I'm a Buccaneer and its house has plenty of space, but I'm not sure it has the nicest views. The Swashbuckler house is beautiful, but doesn't have quite as much room as others, plus I don't really care for the spread out design. As you said, the Musketeer house has the best interior, I love the rock design and it has plenty of space, however it doesn't have my favorite exterior, because it reminds me a lot of Cool Ranch, which has to be my least favorite world. Plus I can't say I enjoy seeing Musketeer icons everywhere I turn. So, what's your favorite?

    1. You know, orginally, I bought the Buccaneer house for the sake of this post, because Alric and SM were getting the other four. But I've fallen in love. You have to be a certain kind of person, I suppose, to love the atmosphere, but it's unique. I like it a lot.

      My second favorite is the Witchdoctor. It's also a very new design with many twists and turns.

      If darker themes aren't for you, you have three options (and two if you want a bright sky). The Privateer house is small both inside and out, but the setup is pretty neat. You know about the Musk house it sounds like. Then there's Swash, which is my least favorite because it's so spread out and there's no specific "WOW" to it. But to each his/her own.

    2. I agree with you about the witchdoctor, it is great and I love the colors, but I just don't feel its for me, besides, swashbuckler and buccaneer are my favorite classes anyway. I thought I had decided the musketeer was my favorite, but I've decided that even though the interior is incredible, it doesn't make up for the rest of it. I haven't really payed much attention to the privateer house, because it is so small and seems a bit plain to me. So, now I'm stuck between swashbuckler or buccaneer, I don't want to buy a house that I don't love, and have to buy any more house elixirs. The swashbuckler house is a bit more calm and "pretty", but doesn't have the best layout, and like you said the buccaneer house definitely has enough room and is different, but also may take some getting used to. By the way, is it just me or does the rain in the buccaneer house look more like hail? I don't know anyone online right now that has the buccaneer house, you think you could friend me so I can explore it a bit more? Thanks for this post and for this site! It has really helped my gameplay!

    3. Sure, I'll log in now. Do you have a TFC?

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Hey, I have a question that I can't seem to find anywhere. How many houses can you have before you have to purchase a housing elixir? Since I'm still deciding which class house I want first, I only have castaway's cove, which came with a housing elixir. So I was just wondering with the elixir how many more houses i can have before I need to buy another elixir.

    1. You can traditionally have three houses. So if you have one, you can get two more. Then if you have that elixir, you can get another.

  8. Ok, thanks again swordroll, I can get all my hoises without having to spend any crowns.

  9. Um, SwordRoll...I was wondering if I could explore the houses...

  10. I want to see something on KingsIsle blog on how the houses are created and where the ideals come from...


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