New Launchers Hint at Wizard101's Aquila!

There are six new Wizard101 launchers that seem to hint at what exactly KingsIsle meant when they said something was coming in July. I'm thinking it's Aquila, and you will, too, after you take a look. And Cret92 would like me to remind you that it might be Empyrea as well.

The Finale?

My first question is whether or not this is KingsIsle's next side world and side story, or it's the Morganthe finale. I've thought for quite awhile about the possibility of Aquila in Wizard101, but hadn't given a thought to it being a side world. I just can't seem to connect Morganthe to this ancient land.

Hints of Aquila (Or Empyrea)

The biggest hints of Aquila in Wizard101 rest with the Olympian Bundle. Look at the others - pretty simple and basic. Well, as basic as bundles get. However, not the Olympian. It came fully equipped with a new music track in the arena. Wizard101 is a good company, but also... a company. They want money. And composing a new track for a bundle house doesn't go with that idea.

The next was all of the new textures. Instead of classic ones seen elsewhere that were reused, they used all new textures to create this home, and that's quite a bit of art for one time.

As if that weren't enough, they created the sword and shield
walking, swimming, casting, and idle animations on the two newest bundles, as well as introducing the two-handed spears. All of that must be pre-testing for the new weapons to come.

Then there's the three new Efreet spells. It's all too much for one bundle. It must be a new world. Whether it's Aquila or Empyrea, main or side, it just has to be a new world.

Add in the fact that they've already got a number of creatures fitting the theme, plus existing textures and objects from Pirate101's Aquila, and it almost certainly tells us that we're getting Aquila... or Empyrea.

The Launchers

The launchers are highlighted throughout this post. The first one is above. It's a horse... of sorts. It has scales, though, and a harpoon, suggesting something from the water.

Ever since Celestia, creating underwater animations has become a must, so in each new world, Wizard101 has opted to do at least one underwater location. In Zafaria, you had Mirror Lake. In Avalon, you had the Deep Water. In Azteca, you had the Pitch Black Lake. Of course we'll see an underwater location; this only confirms it.

The next is the horse shown above. It's a female centaur, like we saw in Pirate101. This one has dark hair, however, and is slightly different.

The third is a new eagle that it doesn't look like we've seen before. It has lightning bolt symbols on its armor and blue and white colors to the look. It has to be a Storm enemy.

The fourth looks like Ares, Hephaestus, or some other powerful eagle god. Will these gods recognize us from Pirate101? With this being the first world in Wizard101 that is borrow from Pirate101, and not the other way around, it should be interesting.

Below is what looks like Athena from Pirate101... and I mean exactly like her. One must wonder if concepts and 3D models were created for both games, or if they were separate. If not, this'd be mighty convenient.

The final one is quite interesting, because it isn't like anything we've seen yet in Pirate101. Perhaps it's Hades, not in statue form. Could be interesting. Is Morganthe working with him and the song of creation to raise an undead army to take over the Spiral? How original.

Theorycrafting - 100 or 101?

With a new world comes new spells - and quite possibly, new Astral spells. What could those be - when will the damage enhancements hit a maximum, or will they?

The next big question is, if this is a main world, will the new level cap be 100 or 101? Furthermore, is this Wizard101 nearing its end? Will the next few years be minor updates and side worlds... maintenance and new Crown Shop items?

With J. Todd Coleman gone, Pirate101 short on help, and more games on the horizon, it might make sense... but that sounds like a future post series.

There have been major mixed reactions to this spoiler - is it coming today, the same afternoon as the spoiler, like they did with Azteca? Or is it just something on the horizon, like the winter launchers for Pirate101?

And if it's Aquila ...or Empyrea... are you excited for it? Some are, some aren't. My concern is that it'll be too much like Pirate101. What are you thinking?

Thanks for reading and see you in the Spiral!


  1. I feel like fainting from excitement.

  2. I think.... Aquila. But in another way i think is Empreya. And i also think the New Level Cap will be up to 101 :) But i think W101 will NOT have us fight Morganthe Yet....

  3. Its OBVIOUSLY Aquila I beaten Aquila on Pirate101 Besides the first one they all look exactly like characters from Pirate's Aquila. And it might be part Of morganthe Story what if they are trying to make the story longer while they they get us ready for the next?

  4. if there are new astral spells then there better be a damage aura for life

  5. Well, either way...KingsIsle stated that both Pirate101 and Wizard101 will continue to run for several more years...and there's a high possibility that Aquilla will be the next world within Wizard101's Morgangthe Arc, as well the attire from the photos as well as monsters is Greek or Aquillan and the recent bundles give us an ideal on what's to come considering Atlantis and Aquilla are both Greek. And to sum this up with my OPINION. I feel like KingsIsle should of chosen a different world that no one has seen considering Wizard101's graphics, etc will ruin Aquilla, also if you pay attention Aquilla is somewhat a Sky World so it sort of fits Morganthe's all we have to do is wait and see what occurs...

  6. P.S. The Horse is AKA a Hypocami.(not sure I spelt that right) For those that read the Percy Jackson series and know the scientific name of a Sea Horse makes that pretty clear... as well Emphyria if I'm right seems to be a stormy, sea/sky world. As well as that if you look at the photos above they appear to be Athena, Zeus, Hephestus, and either Ares/Hades...or a random Vulture enemy...but he seems important. And in my opinion I don't see Morganthe having anything to do with Aquila considering she's based on the Arthurian Legend Morgana. But also if you pay attention Malistaire appeard in DragonSpyre or Rome... and if Morganthe appears in Aquilla then it wouldn't surprise me. And as SwordRoll said it would be easy to create Aquilla in a glance considering that there's already a glance...and the music tracks already had people excited to see what would happen with it...and it wouldn't be hard to create new spells considering most of them are already greek...and I agree with SwordRoll, since Hades was banned perhaps Morganthe is working with him to take over Olypmus, and if it is to my imagination Olympus would be an awesome final well. I foresee Morganthe taking Zeus's throne to be her own Celestial before I go on I'm going to say bye... sorry if it's a pain to read but if you could, leave a reply to my response and share what you think...

    1. I would agree the horse guy is a Hippochamp. I also am confident there is an underwater area in W101 Aquila called Atlantea. Look at the Atlantean Bundle, which has some greek influence as Atlantis is of greek origin. The Boots of the set are called Boots of Atlantea. The Hippochamp guy also has a similar Harpoon to the Wizard's one. There must be a connection. I also thing Poseidon dwells there.
      As for the story, Morganthe now has the Song of Creation. The only cherry on her evil cake is the Celestia Choir. I believe, like the story set up of the past 4 worlds, she is going to go around the major areas of Aquila and capture the 7 great Immortals of Aquila. While Hades is rather evil looking, to the Pirates he didn't seem demonic. It is possible that he has no ties to Morganthe at all and is at the same risk of being captured.
      At the same time, based off of the beliefs of Hades, he could willingly side with her indoor to take down Zues and Posiedon. Maybe even replace Malistaire.
      I'm kinda hoping Malistaire will make a reappearance here because, I wanna be guessing who the new villian will be without looking to a clever cliff-hanger.
      I disagree with Swordroll's concern that it will be similar to P101 Aquila. I think the W101 team did a completely custom world and only reused a few NPC Models. For example, I've never seen that background anywhere in P101. I just hope we don't have to fight a boss as soon as we talk to the first guy we meet lol.
      Lastly, I don't think this is the end for Wizard101. We're gonna have plenty of more stories to do.

      P.S. While Morganthe may be based off of the Aurthorian Legend Morgana, it doesn't mean she needs to fall exactly into the story Morgana followed. I don't think Morgana did anything with Aztecs right?

      P.S.S. Generally speaking, Picture #5 is Hephaestus and Picture #7 looks like Hades. Ares carried a spear and shield so the last one can't be him.

  7. I'm really hoping that this is a side world because I'm still exhausted from Azteca lol, and I am just not ready yet; I am still crafting my gear. I'm still excited though; I hope there's some Turqoise there lol.

  8. The only reason I don't like this is because it might mean the end to my favorite game =(

  9. Kingisle is still going to make plenty of more side and main line story quests for Wizard101. I wouldn't be worried. This game's gonna have plenty for a long time :)

  10. If its really happening soon, :DDDDDD
    then I hope they FINALLY give Myth a strong AoE spell. Also, they should make a Polymorph into Myth moon spell. Ill be mad if they hit us again with another single hit spell.

  11. I'm not giving up my childhood this time...

  12. This may or may not be Morganthe's final stand. The first arc was 5 worlds. Aquila will be the 5th in the second arc. If the Morganthe arc comes to an end, there are lots of reasons to doubt that this is the end of w101. KI has said it will go on for a few more years. Evil is never at rest...and a new villain would have had lots of time to make a plan since the start of our game. Maybe a new character...or maybe an old "friend".

    P.S. what if malistare and Sylvia had a son before she died? That would make an interesting plot twist.

  13. O: i think its AQUILA because of the greek mythology reference. I mean look at Mr. Vulture. He is not your average animal in armor! HE IS REPRESENTING HADES!!!

    1. Yes.Athena and hapestus are there too you know.

  14. I can't wait for the new world it is going to be amazing. What I'm most curious about is will there be rank 11 spells? In Avalon we got spells like Enfeeble and Healing current instead of a rank 10 spell. Might be a pattern I don't know.
    I have a feeling this wont be the world we defeat Morganthe for the final time. Maybe we will see her again as we journey through the world.
    I also heard there was going to be an Ultra pip or something, that's going to be interesting since my pip rate at level 90 is awful lol. I have been reading up on Aquila and seen many comments saying what the new world's spells could be. this is driving me crazy with excitement I can honestly say. I can't wait till they reveal to us the spells! guess there is only one thing to do while I wait for more information... Annoy my close friends about how excited I am XD

  15. I think they're the forces of light

  16. I'm really excited for this new world, no matter what it is. But that part where you mentioned the level cap just hit me right in the heart. It's kinda sad to know that possibility ;-; But KI could just get creative again and make another extremely original storyline after Morganthe :P

  17. Hippocampi are supposed to have fish tails instead of legs, but I guess it makes sense if it has both in this instead of a fish tail if it needs to walk on land. Also how do we know it will be called Aquila? It's a good name, I'm just wondering.

    1. Aquila is a name that has been thrown around here and there, so we assume it's that. Plus, Pirate101 has Aquila with similar enemies.

      But now it's confirmed! Click on "Blog" at the top and read some of my most recent posts to learn more about it!

  18. The Centaur is Artemis


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