Wizard101 Aquila Feedback

Wizard101 Aquila

Wizard101's Aquila has a lot of highlights, but also some elements that could use changes or improvements. I'm going to take a look at exactly what's what from my perspective, and look forward to hearing yours.

Pricing - Everyone's Concern

Aquila costs a painful twelve thousand crowns or so for the three dungeons. With that price of just three dungeons, you could buy Wysteria four times over. That's a whole world, story and all. Or maybe you want Azteca - 13 90+ zones (as opposed to Aquila's 30+, 70+, and 90+ for more crowns).

These prices aren't any too fair. Even worse, the drops here aren't liked very well and pets can be hatched for, so I think these high prices are not only going to seriously hurt revenue from this update, but also turn the tide on some opinions and change what people may do with future expansions.

Zone renting is definitely not a solution. If we wanted to temporarily access some place, we'd get a subscription. I'd really love to see KingsIsle lower these prices. I think they'll sell more areas, and, more importantly, please the huge customer base that supports them.

Wizard101 Aquila

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Gear and Other Drops

One of the other big topics in Aquila is gear. It's all offensive builds, which is good. We're trying to eliminate Jade gear and resistance-based setups. But this gear has hardly any universal resist - we need some of that. I have seen some good pieces, though.

I am really glad they're taking the "No Trade" tags off of a lot of the gear. I hope they'll continue to tweak it to meet the standards at the various level tiers. I did notice an Ice staff which seems to match the other school staves in critical, but far surpasses them in block. I hope to see that changed.

I love that they've got a bunch of hits and some fun wands up for grabs, but I'd also like something special from the gods - another incentive to farm. Several have suggested the immortal spells, but I'm not sure about those. I'll play with some Aquila spell ideas and let you know.

Wizard101 Aquila


The new minions are curious. Some seem to be very effective, while others are hardly worth doing the quest for. I've still got one left to test, then I'll have a fun analysis up for you to read.

So far, it seems that Fire is the quickest killer. Life is pretty clever and heals generously. Storm is not so great. Death is not so great. Balance is not only a decent hitter, but has such variety that it can be extremely useful. The Ice minion has a few nice spells, and uses Tower Shield as well.

Area Design

I think that KingsIsle did a fantastic job with the area. Especially the instances - see how they aren't room after room anymore? They have hidden side bosses, and various halls. I'd love to see them continue to have a variety of side chains, hidden areas, extra bosses, and additional puzzles all over instances designed like these. Nice work!

The other great thing about Aquila's setup in that it's only the mythology highlights. No mobs that randomly stole something, or NPCs that need this or that. Just the exciting fights.

Wizard101 Aquila

Item Appearances

A lot of the new items look great. I'm surprised I'm saying so, but some of the sets aren't half bad. The weapons, of course, are amazing. Zeus's bolt will be a must-have for wizards. There are some other good-looking things out there, too.

YOUR Feedback Needed!

Have an idea on how to improve Aquila? Or maybe something you just really love? Let me know what it is by commenting. Thanks for reading and see you in the Spiral!


  1. I haven't gotten to do Aquila but I will not buy it with crowns after I buy all of WC, KT, and MB that is for sure. As for the pets, they are good for PvP and battles but maybe the Enchanted Armament should get Sharpened blade unlocked at adult, x2 Sharpened blade at Epic, and x3 Sharpened Blade two levels after Mega; as for the Lil' Siren and Harpy IDK, they seem good in the pictures I've seen.

  2. I agree too bad i am like the only crowns player in wizard101. Everyone pays a Subscription nowadays.I really hope KI will lower the prices of the areas.
    -Elijah L.

  3. I think I SHOULD pay crowns but I think it's too late to turn back now. I've already paid about $100 in subscriptions and don't think it would be worth it to pay $150 again. Plus with aquila another $25.

  4. To be honest....once again PvP gets in the way of this attire...why not just make it a PvP ban item? Like that with Insane Bolt TC. Also Ice attire is made for critical, health, and resistance thus explaing why it had higher block rating...and life has heal rating...so it's all evenly fine. As well as that I think that the areas were way overpriced and still are...they should be as followed: Olympus: 1000, Atlantis: 2000, and Hades: 3000. Also the attire and room designs are epic, once we rech Atlantea there's only one mob fight and in Tartarus there's another but that's it....I think KingsIsle did an excellent job with this word...goodbye for now

    ~Sincerly, Hunter BlueRider...

    1. I meant Critical Block-Ice Attire was made for health, resistance, and block rating....


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