Wizard101's Aquila: Mount Olympus, Atlantea, and Tartarus!

Wizard101 Aquila Apollo - New world July 2013

Wizard101's Aquila is very different from Pirate101's. It contains a base area called the Garden of Hespirides. From there are three instances for a variety of levels containing a variety of quests. I'll explain those a little bit and give you a few sneak preview photos. If you're interested in the new level 75 minion spells or some of the first impressions of Aquila, read THIS.

Aquila Atlas

Aquila, though it's considered a Wizard101 expansion, is treated almost like its own world. It has a world map that you can zoom out to, plus a Commons button that takes you to the garden area. Here's a quick look at the various maps for each location. You can click on the map you'd like to see the full version.

Wizard101 Aquila Maps
Wizard101 Aquila Maps - Click to view the full versions

Aquila's Mount Olympus

Wizard101 has always had strong themes. But Aquila proudly shows off three of the highlighted areas from mythology, the first being Mount Olympus. This is a revolutionary instance design. It isn't room after room, it's a location in itself. There are a variety of doors that require keys, other areas with bosses that are accessed through side quests, and so on.

Wizard101 Aquila Mount Olympus
Wizard101 Aquila - Mount Olympus

Olympus has many beautiful locations and many separate chambers with unique designs. They're definitely worth paying close attention to. Inside are several immortals, including Apollo, Ares, and Zeus, who, like all immortals here, have their own natural attack with an epic animation.

Though this instance is for level thirty and up wizards, there's a hidden boss created for level ninety wizards. He drops several interesting wands, and a unique sword and shield pet - the Enchanted Armament. When you move, it's like an invisible wizard holding it and following you. It also has a "May Cast Sword and Shield" talent that casts a random 25% blade and random 50% shield. 

Aquila's Atlantea

With the Atlantean Bundle, we might have expected this. But this isn't just another underwater location.

Wizard101 Aquila Atlantea
Wizard101 Aquila - Atlantea

The secret boss here is a squid buried in the sand, whose tentacles stick out and fill the dueling circle... and there are more than you think. Each time the small ones, about 4200 health, are killed, another appears the next round. The two large tentacles, at 28000 (28k) health must be killed before the small ones. Three tentacles cast Earthquake every time you heal. Some of those tentacles can be pretty nasty. But potential wands and Harpy pets make this boss worth the time.

Aquila's Tartarus

This is a great location - it looks fantastic. Inside is the River Styx and more that you'll recognize, plus unique enemies and a few surprises at the end! Here, there's a secret boss that's a titan - Cronus. He has the same setup as the Loremaster but his only cheat seems to be random 40% trap interrupts.

He supposedly can teach you some "secrets" but it's unknown what those are. I've farmed him a few times - no pet, no spells, not much. I'll be curious to see what he has to offer.

Wizard101 Aquila Tartarus and Hades
Wizard101 Aquila - Tartarus

I have yet to sail down the river. I'm saving much of this new content for the live realm, including this area.

Aquila's Potential

Many have feelings that Wizard101's Aquila is too small, too short, too this, too that. I find it to be perfect. In the future, it'll be the ideal leave time for an instance at levels 30, 70, and 90. I believe these areas have a strong them and are well done. There's some new crafted gear, new pets, new looks, and new content.

What's really important with some of the new items is the direction KingsIsle seems to be taking with the game - offense. All of the new gear seems to reflect that. That's news for PvP. That's news for all players.

What do you think - have you explored these new locations? Looked into Aquila? What do YOU think? Thanks for reading and see you in the Spiral! *Note: There will be no Concept101 this week due to update coverage*


  1. The squid boss reminds me of that one boss in Pirate101 in Monquista with the overgrown vines. Can't remember what it's called. Very interesting!

  2. I Think Aquila Is Amazing! Its Fun To Farm and Get XP from the dungeons. They Should keep adding to the area!

  3. i think its great! ive gotten 6 enchanted armanent pets!


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