Thursday, July 11, 2013

Wizard101's Aquila - New Extension, Level 75 Minion Spells, and More!

Wizard101 Aquila Expansion

New Wizard101 Aquila expansion for levels 30+, 70+, and 90+? New Wizard101 minions for all schools? Locking items? Naming decks? All this and more in the latest update! I'll be focusing on Aquila and Wizard101's new level 75 minions!

Wizard101's New Level 75 Minion Spells

First off, here's a look at Wizard101's brand new level 75 minion spells! They're no-PvP, but they look promising. I can't wait to try mine out!

New Wizard101 Level 75 Minions
All Wizard101 Level 75 Minion Spells

There was a lot of concern about Myth getting a 6-pip minion rather than five. First, the extra pip probably shows in the minion's ability. Second, Myth already has a five-pip minion. Now they have a 6-pip one. Plus, with power pips, you end up using six anyway.

I'm actually glad they're no-PvP. I hear these are powerful - nearly double the power of Talos. That's why they're level 75+ minion spells. I hear the Ice one casts Tower Shield, so I'm going to guess that these are worth looking into.

Aquila at Last!

Aquila isn't a new world in Wizard101 - it's an expansion. In Cyclops Lane, after a few pre-quests, you can now take a magic chariot to Aquila and compete in the Immortal Games. Here, there are three major instances - Olympus (level 30+ wizards), Atlantea (level 70+ wizards), and Tartarus (level 90+ wizards).

In these instances, you fight a number of immortals and olympians. The theme is strong, and the three instances are definitely some of the highlights of Greek Mythology. Not to mention that you can start this area as early as level 30, and be challenged as late as level 90. That's impressive. I think this is just the kind of new content we needed.

I put together a quick video of me running around the hub area. The only other areas are the three instances. It's very beautiful - take a look. (Available in HD)

What'll be annoying is having to run through Cyclops Lane each time you want to visit and not being able to use the Spiral door.

Other Impressive Updates

We can now lock items in our inventory so they can't be sold or deleted. We can also now name our decks - this is big, because it shows that KingsIsle is listening to feedback. That was a majorly requested change. But they also slipped in some more sly updates. For example, there's a new one-boss dungeon in Dragonspyre's library that drops a bunch of the crafted spells AND has a chest. Not only that, but she's got a new spell that I'd sure love to have, pictured to the right.

I think there are a lot of fun other surprises, too. For example, you can get Zeus's lightning bolt as a weapon, or an enchanted sword and shield pet that has "May cast sword and shield." I'll be curious to see what that is.

Stay Tuned!

I'll be sure to keep you update on what's happening in the Test Realm! Thanks for reading and see you in the Spiral! Credits: Thanks to Alexander Lionheart (Loremaster, Ice), Paige Moonshade (Balance), Markblade64 (Fire) , SpiritFire (Myth) , and masterofspelss (Life) for help with card images. All images used with permission.


  1. Wow, I'm balance and I love that spell there. Although you say they drop crafted spellS..
    do you know what the other ones are?

    1. To get your school's minion, just talk to Halston in the Storm School. You'll have to complete two quests with towers that must be soloed, but at level 90, they're very easy.

      Good luck!

    2. S/He meant in the library, the spell Loremaster. S/He also said that you mentioned the boss in the library drops more than one spell. S/He is asking if you know what the other spells it drops are?

    3. You know, I'm not positive, but I am fairly certain it's a good variety of them from various packs... who knows, it might be all of them. I'll look into that, though.

    4. The LoreMaster drops every single spell that are obtainable through the well as seen in the photo above, she drops a brand new spell of her own...

    5. I like the expansion.

  2. Saw a thread about one of the pets new May Cast spells. The Sword & Shield it says casts a random 50% shield and a balanceblade.

    Thread is here:


    1. I love the way the blog's text justification formatted your "Thread... is.... here". Hehe. Sounds interesting!

    2. The pet does sound interesting and as to reply about the Chaos Minion...KingsIsle stated on FaceBook that it is more powerful then the other minions and that makes sense considering they're Chaos and that's their specialty...

  3. Wow Aquila is expensive! it is 4000 crowns a area. Sucks for me since i am a crowns player. :(

    1. Cunning Finnigan Sharp:

      I am too, but I don't think it's too bad. It's about a $20-25 dollar expansion so it's not like an arm and a leg for some. Of course, if that's out of your typical Wizard101 Budget yeah ... Kingsisle can be so cruel. But hey! It's not like you have to do ALL the dungeons.

      My brother and I tried out Atlantea but we didn't get far at all. The Sand Squid boss has this very interesting and annoying cheat. I wouldn't say any spoilers just yet but, ... Kingsisle may have made a boss you simply can't beat and I'm a Level 90 death wizard talking about a Level 70 Dungeon. I'm scared for the Level 90 one ...

    2. Tartarus was fun, fast, and difficult...I wont say any spoilers, however you'll enjoy the end...

  4. So that's why Kingsisle said we might wait to see what's going on in the Dragonspyre library!

  5. who gives you the pre-quests?

  6. For Aquila, talk to Cyrus. For your minion, talk to the NPC outside Scotland Yard in Marleybone.

  7. I got in at lvl 5 was that intended


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