Arcus Cloud: New Wizard101 Mount?

Wizard101 Arcus Cloud Mount

Tonight, a bunch of us ran into a new Wizard101 mount: the Arcus Cloud. Where did this strange mount come from, and where can we get one? I normally don't do quick looks like this but when everybody decided to stand on it, I figured I'd share my photos and video of when there were fewer people.

The Arcus Cloud: A One-Minute Look

I put together a quick video of the Arcus cloud so that you can see how it moves and works - I also show the stat box for confirmation. Unfortunately, this is the spot where you come off the chariot, so many people surfaced here and have gone "AFK" (Away From Keyboard) with Luke, the owner of the mount.

(This video should be available in HD, but at the time of posting may still be processing. Feel free to watch it fullscreen for a better view)

How It Moves

You stand on this mount like the flying carpet, and the idle animation in like a jump, just like the carpet. I'm curious to see more about how it operates, and how it swims!

It shoots lightning bolts around, as well. If you turn down your particles, it might look like you're standing on almost nothing!

New to Come With Live Release?

This guy has a full Hades set, so unless he's just an avid Test Realm farmer, he must be a KingsIsle worker testing this mount out. We already know that new hairstyles are coming - KI let that much slip. But will we also be seeing this brand new mount? Will others come with it?

The Test Realm has to be released next Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday. I'm guessing we'll know soon enough! What do you think it is? Where does it come from?


  1. If it is a drop then it is the first mount that drops that is permanent and I think it is will be from Zeus himself, if not then I think that it will go with a Aquila pack (combined with those god spells and prob a two person mount or 3) that is released once live comes.

    1. I think it's a one-person mount and just a transparent version of the Magic Carpet with lots of particles.

  2. Ya I wouldn't be surprised if it was a dropped mount for once. KI didn't need to do too much since the model is just making a cloud and the animation is of the carpet so it couldn't have been hard to make. Something you could probably throw together in a day. Since it is a permanent mount, people will farm for it. If it was a bundle, hoard or crown shop I just don't think it will get the same exccitment as most other mounts being just a re-texture of a cloud.:l

  3. I think its a new bundle mount.. considering the picture I see from the link I clicked to get to this page.

    1. That was a bundle I made, as I was very careful to say in every announcement.

  4. It is a 5000 crowns permanent mount from the CROWNS SHOP :p


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