New Aquila Spells and Other Updates

Wizard101 Aquila New Spells

Wizard101 made some major updates to Aquila yesterday. For one, in addition to two previous new Aquila spells, they added another - Lava Lord. They updated gear, they lowered prices, and they released the next step up from Mastery Amulets - Exalted Amulets!

Wizard101's Aquila: New Spells!

The Loremaster is dropped as a permanent spell. The rest are available from gear. Fiery Giant is available on Hades gear. Another one is the Lava Lord - a Fire version of Storm Lord (why all the Fire spells?). It also comes on gear from Tartarus.

Wizard101 Aquila Best Gear
Loremaster does 390-470 Balance damage and adds a 20% weakness and 35% accuracy mantle on the enemy. Fiery Giant does 650 Fire damage to all enemies and is supposed to stun them, but currently dispels a Fire spell. Lava Lord does 620 Fire damage to all enemies and adds a 35% accuracy mantle on the enemy.

Ice and Water Efreet aren't entirely new, but it has been put on several of the new gear pieces. They do Ice and Storm damage, and add large weaknesses. All of these spells are in a video below.

Game-Changing Gear

A lot of people have been complaining that the gear in Aquila isn't anything special. As of tonight and through a closer look, we can see that that has quickly changed. We've now got level 70 Waterworks-style sets, and many level 90 sets, all with different builds. We've got a variety of interesting wands.

Wizard101 Aquila Best GearAnd even better yet, they look great. Take a look at that photo - and those are just two of the sets! I'd love to have them. Then there are new absolute must-have amulets, nice new athames, and brand-new Exalted Amulets.

These Exalted Amulets not only allow you to use pips with a secondary school, but also provide a damage and resistance bonus for that school... or at least that's the way we interpreted the description. No one has actually seen these yet, and whether or not they've being saved for live or are already in-game is still a mystery, therefore.

Housing Item Pick-Ups!

There are new items to pick up all over Aquila - and they're huge! There is a plant by the vendor, Apollo's banner in his room in Olympus. Then you can get a Zeus statue in Olympus as well. Then there's a big statue in Atlantea, and a Hades mural, etc.

Wizard101 Aquila Secret Furniture and Wands

I can see people running multiple wizards through these locations just for additional decorations.

New Spells in Action

Here's a video of the new spells being used in combat! Notice that some of the effects are different than what's listed on the cards (shown at the top of the post).

Thanks for reading and see you in the Spiral! Credits: Thanks to joshy123 for the amulet image - used with permission. Thanks to James Spirithunter for casting Lava Lord in the video. Thanks to Devin Thunderforge for casting Fiery Giant in the video.


  1. Lightning Giant, Ice lord, etc. then they can work on the life, myth, and death spells in other forms.

  2. What about Life/Death's spell(s)?

    1. These are not trained spells, except for the Loremaster. They're all from gear, as explained in the post.

  3. Who drops the Amulet of Divine Influence?

  4. what gear gives you the water efreet ?

  5. I got all that gear and the loremaster


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