Wizard101 UK's Week of Free Tournaments Sets Important Example

That's right - Wizard101 UK now has tournaments! But the release here has a unique twist. All tournaments are absolutely and completely 100% free for members and crowns players alike for one week. And this is for keeps, no Test Realm!

Free For One Week

Just a few days ago on the 19th, Wizard101 UK announced the tournament update! Diego is hard at work deciding matches, and players are working equally as hard at competing for rank points and prizes. But Wizard101 UK has a special twist for their wizards - all of their tournaments are free for the first week. No cost, no catch, for members and non-members alike!

Didn't the US Version Technically...

No. They needed things tested, so paying players had the option to test them out, but not for keeps. Not like this. It's a pretty common thing in other games, actually. An early-bird special for players.

This is sure a great thing for UK wizards. And they've done things like it in the past. For example, making Wizard City and Krokotopia free for a limited time. That was fun. But does this indicate something more?

Questions For KingsIsle

There's lots of talk about KingsIsle's direction with Wizard101, and the past few days I've been talking about intentions, and I'll continue to do so.

However, KingsIsle has proven several times that they're a generous company ready to help out people like Ryan with the Make-A-Wish foundation. But what if they followed Gameforge's example? Gameforge doesn't give out nearly the number of crowns or items or bundles that KingsIsle does in the US, but they have specials like this. What if KingsIsle decided to do a couple of promotional things like this? I'd be impressed.

Uniqueness in the UK

I'm taking a look at some of the major problems in the US version of Wizard101, and asking about them in the UK. I'll be in-game there over the next few days, or perhaps a few weeks, and attempting to pinpoint exactly why these problems do or don't exist there. Then, perhaps, the source will be easier to determine.

Meanwhile, if you're a UK wizard, enjoy your tournaments for this next week - you might even see me running around in a few! Read more updates and more about these tournaments HERE. Thanks for reading and see you in the Spiral!


  1. Well the tournaments were free but almost everything else that's purchased by crowns is way more expensive. e.g the red barn farm is 12k crowns and no gold also the treant is also 12k crowns so we might have gotten a week of tournaments for free but I can almost guarantee you that when the tourney become purchasable with crowns it will be way more expensive than the US

    1. I think that's because the conversion rate is different. They pay differently and get different amounts of crowns for the money. I don't know that we pay more or less.

      And if we do, you sure don't hear complaining in the UK like you do the US.


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