How Can I Help Support Ryan the Relentless?

Not long ago, KingsIsle proved their good intentions by granting the wish of a young man named Ryan. He not only took a very exciting trip to KingsIsle Entertainment, but also became a permanent NPC (Non-Player Character) in Pirate101.

KingsIsle's Unique Game Update

Ryan came to the live game among houses and other new items, but he was an immediate favorite. His area (the background in the image above) with a Yum-N-Ade stand became a place that everyone, including myself, enjoyed stopping by - even when we didn't need any health refills. Ryan is voiced by himself as well, so be sure to listen closely for that!

A Proposal

Katherine Light of Mercenaries For Charter posted both on the official forums, and on Pirate101 Central about the need for another opportunity - the players having an ability to do a portion of what KingsIsle did.

She said that we ought to be able to buy our refills for crowns, and all proceeds would be donated to Ryan or in Ryan's name.

It was a brilliant idea. I'm rather thrifty with crowns, and even I'd go buying Yum more often if it were for charity!

The idea seemed to be popular all around. No one really had any complaints, though many suggested that we buy blue Yum refills instead of health ones, which I do agree with.

KingsIsle's Response

One-Eyed Jack posted the following:

KingsIsle is dedicated to charitable donations and does so usually during the holiday season through our Charity mount sales where hundreds of thousands of dollars in donations have been provided over the last few years to two organizations devoted to helping children: the Austin Children's Shelter and Children's Medical Center at Legacy. We are very excited to have been chosen by Ryan for his special Make-A-Wish visit, and find the Make-A-Wish foundation to be an amazing charity that continues to help make the dreams of children with life-threatening medical conditions a reality.  
This is a great idea, and we love where you’re coming from with this suggestion, unfortunately, the actual application of making this a reality would be very difficult for us to do.

That was understandable - tracking the funds and dividing those out would be tough to do all year. But don't worry, that's not KingsIsle's greed - no, you buy this Yum with gold. This is for Ryan. It's the players that wanted to pay more to support him!

How You CAN Help

You can still help out the organization that sent Ryan to KingsIsle, and, by extension, Ryan and many children like him. The Make-A-Wish Foundation is a worthy cause. You can donate at this link:

But, don't just send in any old thing. You can make your donation in Ryan's honor! Send your donation through the website in honor of Ryan "the Relentless" Tucker. I placed this post in both the Wizard101 and Pirate101 sections because everyone can help out here - you don't have to just play Pirate101!

Don't forget that KingsIsle is frequently making wishes come true with charity opportunities a couple times a year. When they come around, please - make use of them! You never know when you could be helping out another epic pirate like Ryan.

As always, thanks for reading! It's much appreciated. Now - who's up for some Yum?

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