Concept101: Pirate101's Darkmoor, Zafaria, and Valencia Extensions

Some concept art is truly beautiful. Some concept art is truly telling. But there's nothing greater than concept art that both tells a story or hints at future content and looks spectacular. You guessed it, that's what I've got tonight. For anyone not wanting to spoil future Pirate101 worlds, sorry, as the title wasn't so kind. But you can still quite now... if you don't want to see the Zebra Witchdoctor... or the new Valencia ships... or the Darkmoor tower drawings.

See These For More Exclusive Art and Sources!

Everyday this month, I'm offering a new Concept101 post with new art, new sources, and a new look at the concept process. On the first day (Preceding Darkness and Death), I talked about how and where KingsIsle went looking for artists, and showed Xavier Garcia's Valencia art test, and planted seeds about a past or future Valencia.

The second day (Red Hair and Painted Shields), I talked about textures and building 3D models. I discussed layering and texture mapping, as well as the creative freedom that 3D artists have, and showed some of Isaac Oster's work.

The third day (Complexity by Design), I continued with 3D models, and talked about vector vs. raster images, dynamic shadowing, and display modes in programs used by the artists. I also showed some of the original models of Ambrose and Greyrose.

The fourth day (Hidden in Detail), I talked about vertex lighting, textures, and gave examples of everything that had to be planned, drawn, painted, and created to go in the game.

The fifth day (Extending A Hand), I talked about FX artists, animators, and finished products. I showed you some examples, including some animations of what seems to be Hawkules's second tier! 

The sixth day, (A Fresh Perspective), I talked about concept outsourcing, touched up on the 3D process, and explained how new art, even on old subjects, could offer a look you weren't familiar with.

Yesterday (Pollo's Map, Future Promotions, and Ship Teleports - Oh My!), I talked even more about the 3D process, why I love concept art, and what it can tell us. More importantly, I showed you future companion promotion tiers, potential ship teleports, and Marco Pollo's full map! There's already some theorycrafting happening the comments.

We Knew It Was Coming

A Valencia expansion or two was inevitable. In fact, most believe it's up next in a new skyway with the red windstone. But these new ship concepts seem to confirm it.

As you can see, the concept artist, Aaron, started with about seven initial sketches and took one and developed it completely into a concept we're familiar with. What I'm curious about now is when we're going to get one of these ships. Our first heist in Valencia is something we won't accomplish again, so perhaps we need one of these to get in. He also did the tavern concept and two Avalon interiors above.

What We Didn't Expect

With Wizard101's Zafaria, we weren't exactly holding our breath for Zafaria. But did anyone else find it strange that Zafaria is the only Morganthe arc world in the stormgates?

This concept to the left looks like it might be Wizard101's Zafaria. But I logged in and checked Central and did all sorts of investigating. I couldn't find any sort of shaman or witchdoctor anywhere.

The fact that this was labeled Zebra Witchdoctor seems to suggest that we're getting Zafaria in Pirate101. Alone, that might just be a test run. However, it wasn't the only one that looks like it could be from Zafaria.

There was another. Just one simple environment concept labelled Hut. Whether or not it's truly Zafarian, I'm not sure, but it definitely looks the part. With the Witchdoctor, though, I think one thing is clear - we'll be seeing Zafaria in Pirate101.

Oh, and One Other

As if that weren't enough, Scott Jones, who did the MooShu theatre and Valencian chapel concepts, also revealed some interesting ones. I believe firmly that they're Darkmoor concepts, but they were only labelled DM_s4_TowerEntry and DM_s4_TowerProps.

Whether it's for Wizard101 or Pirate101, I can't be sure either, but consider this - J. Todd Coleman posted two concepts on Facebook that we're completely clueless on. They look like Darkmoor, have the same house that's used in a world concept in-game in Pirate. Then there's the fact that is looks like several islands. And Sargasso Sea - that's definitely Pirate101. Also, all of his other environments are for Pirate101.

Looking at the props below, it would seem that these are definitely Darkmoor. Now when people on Twitter ask what the Darkmoor abbreviation is, I can mention them and say DM. Haha!


This is largely theory-based. What do you think? Are Darkmoor, Zafaria, and future Valencia expansions coming to Pirate101? Also, due to recent events, the sources will be given only by request via email at swordroll (at) gmail (dot) com or though direct messages on Twitter. I'll be happy to provide links there.

Thanks for reading and see you in the Spiral! Come back tomorrow for a full list of artists and links, and then Concept101 will resume its normal schedule.


  1. Woah, do I see that juicer looking thing from the video you posted on a past Concept101 for Darkmoor props; I can see Darkmoor and Zafaria coming actually because on pirate101 on the Marleybone page it says Marleybone has colonies on Skull Island, Krokotopia, Darkmoor and Zafaria. We do work for Marleyboen like Bonnie Anne now so... there is the proof that I need on this.

    As for Valencia (you got to love Valencia and its emerald sky) again we all know of the stormgate in Aragon skyway but I have not really looked at it so I don't know if it says a red windstone is required and I wouldn't count on it fully being the red windstone, it said a orange windstone on the Marleybone stormgate in MooShu but look at the windstone, it is yellow not orange.

    P.S. You should do a Concept101 on the lone Ranger (on wednesday) part that is in book VII because it does start with something similar to tonto and the lone Ranger.

    1. In MS and SI, I believe the VL stormgates take Red windstones. We have orange, and we're supposed to be able to access AQ from VL with it, but we can't.

    2. Hmm? There is Albion Skyway so maybe the orange windstone is for a stormgate there and be for one of the other stormgates in Achean (or is it Achaean?) Skyway. Also I am now thinking if there is a stormgate to Valencia in Marleybone because the treaty with the Armada and MooShu was just for the surrender of Marleybone so the red windstone could be for that stormgate also if it is real.

    3. I thought we only acquired the Yellow Windstone. That is what gave access to MB from MS and also let you go to AQ from MQ. I am guessing next update we will be going back to VL from AQ.

    4. Sorry, yes, Yellow. Originally, they were both orange, and they swapped for some reason. But the VL to AQ stormgate still takes the same color, but it's from a known stormgate. That's why I'm thinking we'll get red and go SI -> VL or MS -> VL.

  2. The witchdoctor isnt new it is the main quest giving NPC in ZF found in babobab. Also can you edit in the links to these concepts. Really interested who made these ones since they are some of the best I have seen by far.

  3. Well, Blind Mew said long time ago that we have two more trips planned to Valencia (one being the next expansion to find the so called G. and the other I believe will be the last, like a "Final Battle".
    Blind Mew also confirmed Darkmoor, he said pirates are going there but he didn't mentioned when.
    Zafaria looks awesome for a Pirate101 world, because of the "colonism" concept and because lions, zebras, elephants and gorilla companions!!!

  4. There's a whole message board about such future updates and Blind Mew does give some if you need any more info to rile you...check out the message boards...

    1. I've read it - that's how I know we're going to Darkmoor. ;)

  5. P.S. Some of this could be a surprise Bundle or Pack or even companions....also Wizard101 has that Zebra Witchdoctor, the first creature we meet there...perhaps that was one of his scrapped concept art pieces.

  6. Hmmmmmmmm-I'm not going to deny that the last piece of art is Darkmoore....however I think it is Vakencia due to the books it could be the ToyMaker and the window tint does look like the color of the Valencian sky...also Italy did have gargoyals and Darkmoore sounds like New Orleans (rant...rant...rant), as well KI does pull tricks and the windows may become stained glass later.

    1. The fact that we've seen what's pretty solidly Darkmoor art from JTC, and now this labeled DM, makes me think it's definitely Darkmoor. It doesn't match Valencia's style one bit, and you're right - the Gargoyles wouldn't belong in VL.

  7. I am sure the witch doctor is the first npc in Zafaria although he doesn't have the mask the one in Zafaria has.Also Celestia's wolrd bubble can be seen in pirate101 when going to mooshu from skull island.

  8. Stained glass meaning that the tint coming from the windows may be because of stained glass but it was to much detail in there so they left it out... Also where did Blind Mew state that? Because he said that they were both major possibilities....

    1. In regards to Darkmoor and Vadima, he says something like "...and you can be sure she'll have some tips when the PC is ready to go there." Not only that, but they surprised us with some Darkmoor ships between beta and the live game. Not to mention they added to Boot Hill, and have done concept art for it. I think we're definitely headed to Darkmoor.

  9. Has anyone heard about the taunting Aquila pictures on the log in screen?

  10. in November, Players will go to Grizzleheim after Aquila and Darkmoor will be following GH. Grizzleheim's Skyway according to Pirate101 Central is called Bruckheimer Skyway and Darkmoor's is Krome Skyway Grizzleheim has 3 skyways, Darkmoor has one

  11. After the Quest, A Call for help players will continue adventures with the quest "The Hunt for the Windstone" now, players can level up from 65 to 85 both Regular and Nautical Level New companions abound--- Additional Companions Await you Discovery
    so watch out for new faces and your Journey is without Danger: Bears, Wolves, Raccoons, Bunnies, Unicorn Rogues, Celestians, Badgers, Mice, Vampires, Lagooneys, Ghouls, Witches, Elementals, Wraiths and Ghosts await you! and the new Pollywogger Skyway in Skull Island
    Books 15 and 16 will be tough so get stronger weapons!
    General game Polish:
    - Wharf Rat Rakes are now classified as Musketeers
    - Added a Vortex in Achaean Way
    - The Gold Cap will be increased to 800,000
    - Black Jean LaFitte will now be a companion
    - Corporal Klegg in the Fort Elena Instance that players are asked to battle him in Ithaca then he becomes a Companion
    The Following Companions have new promotions:
    - Old Scratch
    - Kraken Skulls 5
    - Shiruku Neko
    - Presidio 5
    Emmett becomes Warlord Emmett at level 72
    Sarah Steele becomes Mouse Scoundrel at level 72
    Louis DeBisque becomes Crab Marksman at level 72
    Mormo becomes Mate Mole Houngan at level 72
    Barnabus becomes Sloth Thug at Level 72
    The Cat Pirate now has a Third Promotion to him
    Captain Spartacos in Aquila is now required for Sarah Steele's Promotion Quest, A Friend of Hers
    Corporal Klegg in Ithaca is required for Lucky Jack Russell's Promotion Quest
    Fixed the Sigil for Grimm's Hideout in the Isle of Fetch, Marleybone. because he is required for Old Scratch's Final Promotion at level 70.
    - Grizzleheim's Skyways are called Buckheimer Skyway and Thrall Skyway and Polar Skyway
    - Darkmoor's Skyway is called Krome Skyway
    - players will face Phule and Desdemona in Grizzleheim but 2 different Skyways.

  12. that was an idea? I WANT IT TO BE REAL!

  13. On the second picture, the first house, thats the library in Caer Lyon in Avalon. The ship may have let you think about pirate, but go watch; its really there.

    1. Oh, yes, I'm aware that a lot of these are in-game. The ships, however, are not to my knowledge.

  14. I think Zafaria might be a side world in Pirate101!

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. Why November we need a new pirate 101 update now


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