Completing Your Galleon on a Budget

With the release of new Crown Shop items and a new Crown Shop ship, there's a new standard for the best of the best. But if you're like me, you're pirating on a budget. One which does not allow excessive Crown Shop purchases! So, between frantically entering contests, check out my tips for completing your Aquilan Galleon with as few crowns as possible.

Quick! Contests!

Contests are going all month for these pieces of gear, and for some, none in game live up to their standards. Besides that, if you can win a contest and minimize farming time, that's even better! All of the contests can be found on the fansite page:

Effectively Stalking the Bazaar

All of the gear shown here (minus the Crown Shop items) can be sold at the Bazaar - not that it will be! But keep yours eyes out. How you stalked the Bazaar depends on your nautical level, because these items are all different ranges, up to level 64. So if you're 65, just equip your galleon (yes, you can do it on land) and check "Usable" then sort by nautical level. Note that not all of the best items will be first on the list, but most of them will follow this pattern. If you are not yet the high of a nautical level, you'll lose the advantage of the Usable button, and will have to sort through parts for other ship sizes when searching.

In-Game Equivalent Gear

Many of the Crown Shop gear pieces can be replaced with similar in-game pieces. Most all of these drop from either the high-level ships in Aquila, or the two boss ships there. I'm going to show you your options in comparison with the new Crown Shop gear - the best available for the Aquilan Galleon or Epic Hero's Galleon.


The anchor is something that you are able to match exactly. The Ancora Aurum (and probably other versions with different names) offer the same stats as the crowns anchor, pictured on the right, which normally costs 1000 crowns.

The anchor available for gold on the left requires four more nautical levels. Based on the fact that I hadn't seen it before today, I'd say it'd be pretty difficult to get from the Bazaar, but it's dropped from Captain Pluton in Achaean Way.


Armor is going to be another exception. The crowns armor, the Mythic Armor (left) is a noticeable difference from the best galleon armor I've found for gold (right). The gold armor is readily available in the Bazaar if you're interested.

Keep in mind that this armor costs 1500 crowns and is only for galleon ships of Eagle origin, so you can't keep it at the end of the next update. If you were going to opt out of crowns items, I'd recommend doing so here. You can still win this armor from some contests, I believe.


Cannons are the last place you're going to have to cut corners. The crowns cannons on the right cost 1250 crowns for only three more ship damage. The cannons on the right come in all different names and styles, and can usually be found at the Bazaar with little searching.

Both cannons work on any ship, but the crowns cannons work for four nautical levels lower.


No more "good enough" or cutting corners here. Unless you just can't wait four levels to get your hands on this Figurehead, then you can get the exact same one at the Bazaar, though the farming may be some work. 

The gold figurehead is the on the left, while the crowns one for 2250 crowns is on the right. I think it's worth the wait.


The situation with figureheads is the same with rudders. If you wait four more levels, you can buy the rudder on your left for gold instead of the Heroic Rudder for 2000 crowns. The statistics are exactly the same.

Again, you can only use these on Aquilan Galleons, so spend wisely! If you're farming or stalking the Bazaar for the rudder on your left, you may have to spend some time doing it. There are very close rudders readily available, but if they release Ship PvP or you just want the best transportation around, try to snag the one pictured above!


Sails are another thing that you can get an exact copy of. The crowns sails on the right are sold for 1750 crowns. The ones of the left require four more nautical levels, but can be purchased with gold. Both are only for Aquilan galleons.

You'll definitely want these sails - debuffing the enemy is just as useful as buffing yourself. But in group play, debuffing the enemy is exponentially more beneficial than buffing yourself. Farming these in the Bazaar is only moderately difficult.


Another example of the ability to get an exact copy of something for gold. The crowns Wheel of Fate on the right costs 1500 crowns. Save yourself the money and buy or farm the one of the right - remember (and this one especially), it comes with many different names, but has the same statistics.

You do have to wait four more levels, but this wheel is worth having no matter how you get it. It can be used on any size and any origin.


The Release the Kraken! horn on the right is sold for 2500 crowns. But the horn on the left, for four more nautical levels, is available for gold. This one is actually pretty tough to snag at the Bazaar, but it's been there. There are also other close options like the Horn of Ra from MooShu boss ships.

AoE Sail and Wheel Options

If you're interest in group ship sinking, or you just want to have everything possible at your disposal, you'll want to check both of these out. The left is an AoE power-up. Pay attention to the area it affects. The wheel on the right is a group heal wheel. Both are 62+ only, but have the same stats as the best available sails and wheel.

These can be pretty tough to find at the Bazaar, but you might see them if you're lucky. You can farm Aquilan boss ships for these as well.

AoE Horn Options

If you're attacking multiple ships at once, these are fun options. The left does damage to one ship, and then damage to surrounding ships. It is dropped by Captain Pluton in Achaean Way, or found on occasion at the Bazaar.

The horn on the right is six nautical levels less, and less damage, but also less time. It is dropped at the Marleybone Turret. You probably won't ever see this one in the Bazaar - quite the collector's item!

AoE Concerns

AoE power-ups, heals, and hits usually have less effect and take more time, but affect multiple enemies or friends. It isn't a good idea to use these when sinking ships on your own or questing. When nautical farming in a group, these can be more effective, especially if multiple people in the group have and can use them.

Keep in mind that many new turrets and bosses also have AoE attacks, so staying next to each other could cost you more health than it's worth. Be smart!

Total Costs

For the absolute best available ship in the Spiral, you could pay for all of the pieces, totaling 13,750 crowns! But, using these items and tips, you can have the exact same absolute best ship available in the Spiral for only 3,750 crowns, for a total savings of 10,000 crowns! Or, if you're willing to have three pieces that aren't quite up to par, you can have a near-best ship for free!


Found any gear that I haven't? Have other recommendations? I'd love to hear! Let me know by commenting. Thanks for reading and see you in the Spiral! Credits: Thanks to Cret92 (Merciless Morgrim) for giving me permission to use photos of the Kraken horn available for gold, the Fulminate Horn from the Marleybone Turret, and the Wings of Hermes from an Aquilan boss ship. Thanks to Alric Ravensinger (Brave Sam Leever) for the gold anchor image.


  1. I wish I had a galleon to use this on, and was high enough lvl

    It would be cool if you could do this for other ships, too. maybe also clothing guides? thanks!

  2. These are great tips. Somehow, I keep forgetting that we have a bazaar now in P101.

  3. Hello, Blaze Lvl.65 Buccaneer here, I would just like to provide you with this information, the cannons you can get an exact copy of as well.

    It is the Golden Ballista, which provides +22 damage and +2 accuracy. As far as I know it is only dropped by Captain Pluton, that is who I got it from.

    I would have provided a picture, but I do not know how to post it on this comment, if you need a picture, if you could tell me how to get it to you, I will be happy to provide it.

    1. There is also another cannon that provides the same stats. It's called the Immortal Thunderers and as well has +22 damage and +2 accuracy available for 58+ only. They are dropped by both The Kerberos (Captain Pluton near Talos) and The Gladiatrix (Captain Spartacos near Laestrygon).

  4. Oh sorry, I posted earlier about the cannons, I forgot to add it is for any origin, any size, and is nautical level 58+ only.

  5. Lol, its me Blaze, back again, this time with armor. Turns out, you can get an exact copy of the mythic armor too, its called the Immortal Armor, same exact stats as the crowns armor, except its nautical level 60+ only. And, as far as I know, it's only dropped by Captain Pluton, because that is the only place I have found it. Happy to help!

  6. Not sure what your criteria are for a good figurehead, but personally I like the Oracular Templis, which you can use at level 57. It's only +13 hull repair rate but the Drake's Breath card gives 3.5x damage with 70% chance to add a fire token and is used every 18 seconds.

    I wish I could remember where it drops, but I probably got it from bazaar stalking.

    Thanks for this guide!

    1. The Oracular Templis is dropped by Vulture Pirate Ships. In comparison to the Consular Standard, Drake's Breathe has more damage to second ratio and probability of producing a fire token, but Greek Fire has better accuracy at a longer range and shorter recharge time. The Consular Standard also has a higher hull repair rate. In my opinion the Consular Standard is better but is difficult to get. It is dropped by The Kerberos located near Talos.


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