Second Blog-O-Versary Contest Hints!

Since I haven't received many entries for my contests (HERE), I figured I'd give a few hints. I've got some hints for the two trivia/locating contests, then some tips for the writing portions, and reminders for the raffle. Be sure to get entries in - contests end in two days!

"What is That?" Contest Hints

Image #1: Someone has some tricks up their sleeve. Image #2: Such a thing is ironic, and located in the only area not underwater. Image #3: "Meow was here." Image #4: This'd be quite fitting for a future Pirate101 world. Image #5: "If I'm inside a mouth, do that make this the blowhole?" Image #6: This hut rocks! Image #7: Water falls from four of me into the place where you began what was likely your latest adventure. Image #8: Create something new. Image #9: Castle Avalon's version of number seven. Image #10: A surprisingly out-of-place texture and in an out-of-place location in what some might consider and out-of-place world. Image #11: The only location with snow in the world. Image #12: Near a throne covered in cobwebs.

Pirate101 Marleybone and Aquila Trivia Contest Hints

Riddle #1: Who built houses and a tavern in here? Riddle #2: "Lose the gang, you're a lawyer's son!" Riddle #3: They never did get along. Riddle #4: How might one leave the sewer? Made easier when in several pieces. Riddle #5: Somebody grab a Bible! Riddle #6: 1984 song by Madonna. Riddle #7: To Wal-Mart! Now where are those Wintergale Gauntlet bundles? Riddle #8: I guess there's a reason they call him "Blind." Riddle #9: Who wouldn't want to wear one? If you're part of an Ancient Rome society, that is. Riddle #10: Talk to him in Nova Aquila's tavern on completing the quest.

"Fill the Libraries" Contest Tips

Aidan Johnston asked a good question regarding this contest:

Also, are you "marking" (for lack of a better word) the lore contest on quality and detail or on cleverness and effort or something else (I really want to enter this one, and I want to know how detailed it needs to be to win!)

My answer was this: There are two main criteria that I'll be checking. Number one - is it a good story? I don't care if it's 100 words or 2000 words, the best story usually wins. Number two - does it work? Because if Frogfather just magically evolved from a fairy and got fat eating Krokotopians... well, that's not real plausible. I want something that fits.

Rafflecopter Reminders

If you're entering the Rafflecopter, be sure to actually complete the required item. You can edit entries if you didn't. Especially be sure to have followed the blog with the widget... that's the one people forget most often. An anonymous poster also asked this question:

What if we don't have facebook or tweeter?

If you don't have social media accounts, you will not be able to gain those entries through normal means. If you have a blog or feel that you have another way that you can share the contest, please email me, and I can get you entries for those instead.


  1. I'm here entering for the Rafflecopter giveaway comment thing. Hope this counts. Thanks for the amazing posts and contests.
    Keep those swords rolling! :)

  2. Thanks for the cool contests!!

  3. That's me! I still have a bit to do and not long to finish... Better get to work!

  4. Swordroll, I change my tweeter name to Angel PixieDust just now but my older entries URL have the name of my old twitter name, my real name, I just tell you this because I can't change the tweeter name that I enter in the raffle.

  5. Just submitted my entries, when will we get the results?

    1. Awesome! I'd expect results by the 6th for sure, possibly sooner.


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