Concept101: Skyway Warfare

By popular demand, Concept101 has returned! Each week, I'll continue to analyze a piece involved in the concept process. Now exactly what piece I analyze will be determined by the audience' feelings and reaction, but rest assured, this post series is here to stay!

Pirate101's Revolutionary System: Nautical Leveling

One of the things that's really different in Pirate101 as opposed to Wizard101 is nautical leveling, but not just because it's a new concept. It's because it's an optional stat to level. It has its benefit, sure, but the game can be completed without it through assistance of other people. Or if you're trying to sail to Ithaca, what would prevent you from simply using someone else's ship, and you clear the token while they attack?

Unique By Design

For a unique system, KingsIsle needed unique cinematic elements... and they sure did succeed! They've got creatures of all types to summon, themed cannon fire, and more! But way back at Skull Island, things had to start somewhere. And my concept for you today involves some of the early ship powers available to players.

Buffs, Shields, and Heals - Oh My!

Here, we've got a 3x3 grid of different power. I recall seeing the top left in-game for sure, and the heals are fairly common. I've even seen the buffs and deduff down there in the bottom right. What I'm not so sure about is the one with bubbles here - if you've seen this one, let me know.

It's amazing how much detail goes into each and every ship power that takes us a couple of seconds to use in-game, and that we may not even pay attention to. These all appear to be sail and base-level wheel powers, and judging by the intricacy in their design, I'd be interested to know what sort of work is put into some of the more complex summons that we see in the Spiral!

In-Game Connection

Obviously, these powers can be seen all throughout the game. Even in later worlds, where we can summon a variety of things to attack enemy ships, these still show up. Remember Pieces of Eight Radio's Sunday nautical XP farming parties? There's a couple of photos from them below in the Haunted Skyway. Even that late in, we're still using the power-ups shown in the concept above.

Next time you log in, keep an eye out for these ship abilities, and think to yourself about all of the work that went in to each and every one... from creating the art, and crossing it over into 3D, and placing it into the game as a functioning power.

Concept Credits

All of these concepts are created by the KingsIsle art team. Dave Greco is the Lead Concept Artist there, and shares many of his works on his blog, My Electronic Days. You can view it HERE. See more from KingsIsle Entertainment at This concept is by Kevin C.


I'll be interested to check up on other ship power concepts. But, until next time, thanks for reading and see you in the Spiral! (And back for Concept101 next Friday!)


  1. Can you make a concept101 about the next Wizard101 world maybe Aquila, there a new world in Pirate101 and a new bundle about it plus they even let us have a sneak peak at their battle music at the acropolis PvP arena.

  2. Wow, I never seen that one in the the middle of the top row and the one in the bottom left corner though, will those be greater then the current ones we have?

    1. You know, I'm not sure. I think these may be somewhere, just on sails that we don't see as much. I'll try to track them down over the next week.

  3. By any chance, can I friend you on the live realm sometime?

    1. Bored... and I need gold. -_- x sigh x How's everyone doing? And by any chance can we friend each other now..?


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