Renewing Your Game Excitement

We all know that we can lose interest in any game pretty easily when we've completed most of the primary content. Some games work around that, but Wizard101 and Pirate101 basically require storyline completion to advance your character. So, while you're waiting for new content, how do you keep interest? Gardening, crafting, PvP, pets? Now what kind of blogger would I be if those were the only tips I could give you?

The Obvious

As I noted, it's pretty clear that Wizard101 has pet hatching, gardening, crafting, and all of that to keep you entertained. And there's PvP in both games - who doesn't love that? But there are actually some interesting little things you can do to keep your interest up, or renew it if you've migrated to one game over the other.

Collector's Corner

Some are into collections. If it's Wizard101, you might go for each type of Treasure Card from each pack as well as the dropped ones. Christo Deathgiver is an avid trader on Wizard101 Central, and only needs three cards to complete his entire collection. Wizard101 Central has a great TC trading section for both the US and UK. If it's Pirate101, you might want pets, or a set of gear or whatever else. Either way, completing a collection can be rewarding, with small bits of satisfaction each time you come closer to your ultimate goal.

A Surprising Change

One thing that I thought was just rather ordinary and that turned out to be game-changing for me was a new outfit in Pirate101. It's the one you see in the photo in this post. This example works specifically well with Pirate101 because they've got a lot of outfit options that are fitting for a pirate of any theme. Sorry, Wizard101, but we don't care to dress like a dinosaur, Jaguar, or wooden bird (referring to some of the latest sets of gear).

Well, I looked around at some shops and checked the Crown Shop for gear that I really liked and did some stitching. Those of you who keep up with my Twitter will remember my tweet with three outfit options. I actually started liking the second best, but up close, the first was my favorite.

Your character is your trophy piece, the ultimate "thing" that you make improvements to by playing the game. Giving him or her a new look can completely change your perspective. And, upon stitching a musket with a set of revolvers, all of my attacks look different. So now, I was ready to jump into battles and even just run around in that new outfit.

A Deeper Look

It's what some of us bloggers do this quite frequently - look more into the game! The great thing about Wizard101 and Pirate101 is that they have easy-to-understand content on a surface level, and then also allow you to look much deeper into what could be, or the reasoning behind something. Theorycrafting can be a lot of fun, and if blogging isn't your thing, Central, social media, and comments on blogs can be a great way to get involved.

Favorite Memories, Recreated

No, I don't mean acting out your favorite fight with friends! I mean revisiting somewhere that you really liked before. This works specifically well in Wizard101, where travel is easy and there are lots of locations. For example, my absolute favorite world, hands down, is Avalon. It has a strong theme and beautiful colors. If you took a look at some of the concepts, they really reinforce that. There are so many locations and key points there.

I returned just the other day to a couple of the strongest or most color places for some battles. My choices this time were the White Owl Tower in The Wild, and the Lost Abbey in The Wyrd. There are lots of places to look around, or maybe a favorite, uniquely-designed tower that you'd love to see again. Try revisiting those locations - they've got me super interested in Wizard101 again, remembering its beauty.

What's Your Method?

Got a method of your own for staying interested? Let me know. Until next time, thanks for reading, and see you in the Spiral!


  1. I tend to collect side quests as I go through the story, and do them when I've finished!

  2. To me it is getting every companion, getting every ship, getting all auction items from _____ (_____ standing for the current last world sense who knows when someone else will read it), getting max gold, getting every companion max level, etc. etc., it is just a endless list to me.

  3. SecretSorcerer(ATC)June 7, 2013 at 3:06 PM

    I find that in both Wizard101, and Pirate101 you can collect rare and amazing looking housing pieces. I love getting rare items to decorate my houses on Wizard101. Just recently I obtained a item I have never thought to be a housing item. The "Ivory Elephant Throne" as seen in Baobab crown, has been placed nice and neatly in my Pyramid of the Lost Horizon. I earlier in the game obtained another one of the councils thrones, the monkey councilmans "Savannah Throne" and I hope to get the other two. As you can see, in both games collecting not Treasure Cards, or Companions, but housing items and houses at that, can be a fun experience.

  4. I'm a fellow death student and let me just say, GO DEATH!!!!!!!!! I like how Dworgyn only has one big eye although it is kinda disturbing

  5. The hat is Plume of the Black Rose, which can be obtained from the Cutthroat boss on Cutthroat Island, Skull Island. It gives Rouse, some Resistance, and some health. The eyepatch is the Pioneer's Patch, gifted to those who were Beta Testers, and could not be obtainable otherwise. The shirt and pants are the Dread Pirate's Outfit, obtainable from the retired Boochbeard's Bundle. I did not look this up, I just remembered all that info. I got all this stuff.

    Something completely unrelated - I was hoping that I might be able to help out on your blog. I'll email you later, as I already know your email from the Missing Pet Mystery.

    1. Most of that is actually Crown Shop gear, which I picked up for the purpose of stitching. This is actually a different set of gear than the Boochbeard Bundle items, which I have yet to redeem. The eyepatch is definitely right, though, that's the beta one. It may be my favorite in terms of how it looks, though there are many eyepatches available... and now, even sunglasses and goggles!

      Yeah, I need to put my email on the sidebar there, but feel free to email me - I'll take a look at what you have to say, for sure! :)


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