Second Blog-O-Versary Contest Answers and Winners

Argos, open the Prize Vault!
After running into a small computer snag, everything was delayed a bit, but I'm ready to announce the winners of my second blog-o-versary contests! Plus, this isn't the only important announcement today, so stay tuned!

As a side note, I have to thank my readers and friends - one of my images quit working, and I received multiple emails with attached pictures showing me what needed to b fixed. I thought that was pretty neat. The image has now been re-uploaded and placed, so everything should be working properly now.

"What Is That?" Winners

In this contest, players had to guess what was shown in the 100x100 image from the game. The answers are as follows - Image #1: Small flower on Austri's arm in Wintertusk; Image #2: Tip of the crashed Marleybone blimp in the Floating Land, Celestia; Image #3: Center beam in Newgate Prison, Marleybone; Image #4: Pattern on the boat to the Krokosphinx in Krokotopia; Image #5: Light through the cave ceiling in the main chamber of the Wolf Palace in Mirkholm Keep, Grizzleheim; Image #6: View through the window covers on the hut in the Cave of Solitude, MooShu; Image #7: Pattern next to the waterfalls on the ceiling in the Wizard City library; Image #8: Dragonspyre crafting forge; Image #9: Dark Avalon rose pattern in the Avalon Castle Library; Image #10: Window pane pattern in the Archives, Wysteria; Image #11: Sigil and Seven Stabs of the Knife temple entrance in the Floating Mountains, Azteca; Image #12: Handprint on a wooden shield in the near the gorilla huts in Drum Jungle, Zafaria.

1st Place: Duncan Stormthief (12 Correct) - winner of the retired Massive Fantasy Palace + 1,000 crowns + 1 random wand; 2nd Place: Katherine Nightsong (12 Correct) - winner of Permanent Mechanical Wings mount + 1 random wand; 3rd Place: Scarlet Summerflame (7 Correct) - winner of Permanent Mechanical Wings mount + 1 random wand. This category received no further entries. Congratulations, everyone!

"Fill the Libraries" Winner

In this contest, I asked players to create a work of fan-fiction that could be considered lore or background knowledge for Pirate101. They needed something clever and witty, but that also made sense.

1st Place: D.S. Devereaux (How Windstones and Windlanes Came to Be) - winner of 5,000 crowns; 2nd Place: Aidan J. (History of the Spiral: Volume 1: The Penguin Revolution) - winner of a Gobbler Pinata and 2,500 crowns. No further entries were received in this category. Congratulations, everyone!

Pirate101 Marleybone and Aquila Riddles

In this contest, players had to solve ten riddles with one-word answers. The correct answers are as follows - Riddle #1: Sewer; Riddle #2: Gangsterin'; Riddle #3: Arguing; Riddle #4: Drain; Riddle #5: Devil; Riddle #6: Material; Riddle #7: Groceries; Riddle #8: (Blind) Homar; Riddle #9: Togas; Riddle #10: Pandion.

1st Place: Aidan J. (9 Correct) - winner of a Gobbler Pinata and 2,500 crowns; 2nd Place: Noble Nathan (8 Correct) - winner of a Gobbler Pinata and 2,500 crowns.

Rafflecopter Winners

Majestic Bundle: Julia Shadowcaster; Gobbler Pinata + 2,500 crowns: Lucy Fer; Permanent Mechanical Wings: Lunatuna A.; Temporary Mechanical Wings: Malorn W.S., D.S. Devereaux, Leprechaun Professor, Ahmed M., Riley M.; Random Wizard101 Wand: Scarlet Owl, Scarlet Dragonflame, Tatiana Shadowflame, Nicole Sunheart. Congratulations, everyone!

Code Information

All emails with codes have been sent out - if you have a question or issue, you can reply to the email that sent it. If you did not receive a code, but see your name here, there may be a player with the same name, or your email may not have gotten through. You can email me at swordroll (at) gmail (dot) com with any questions! Thank for participating!

Stay tuned for more exciting news today! Thanks for reading and see you in the Spiral!

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  1. Yay! 5000 crowns won + a gobbler pinata! Thank you Sworldroll! I can add that on to my stash 1500 and buy a companion! Thanks!


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