All-Around Update

Things have been busy in the KingsIsle world lately! For one, the Pirate101 fansites are hosting awesome contests for unreleased ship gear, and a new trailer has been released! Wizard101 has unveiled their latest pack: the Pharaoh's Hoard. As for the UK, well, things are heating up behind the scenes!

Ship, Ships, and More Ships

This month, Pirate101 will be releasing the Epic Hero's Galleon, as well as a number of other interesting ship pieces. Right now, though, you can check out the official sites for a chance to win the ship or one of the pieces! I was fortune enough to come by one or two. Many can be replaced by in-game equivalents that have the same stats and same card, but a different name and nautical level requirement. Others are the best available. Be sure to check them out!

Shadow Blades and Fancy Hats

I've been doing quite a bit of farming in Pirate for a while now. Besides Medusa, I've not found very many good 60+ item bosses. There are a couple... buried in long instances. I'm still looking, but if you've got any recommendations, I'd love to know! Sorceress Miklai and I began looking into Typhon and Cadmus, two bosses from the Magnificent Seven promotion quests. You can't team up, but you can walk around enemies right to the boss. And apparently, Cadmus drops a nice set of daggers.

Pirate101's "Choose Your Pirate" Trailer

KingsIsle released their latest Pirate101 trailer on YouTube HERE. It's very nice, but I wish they'd use some real footage. And, as cinematic as it is, there are plenty of things wrong. We had a nice class-versus-class tweet session earlier this morning! Swashbucklers, for example... well, they're just dangerous to have around.

If you want to see more of the discussion, you can view a lot of it by looking at the details on my tweets in my Twitter feed.

UK Plans

The Wizard101 UK Fansites are planning a few things behind the scenes. I can't say a lot now, but things ARE in the works. I'm also planning some contests of my own, so stay tuned for more information on those. In the meantime, keep up-to-date with the Boards HERE for more news.

Pharaoh's Hoard Pack

Well, it's about time for another hoard! This one is interesting, for multiple reasons. After the announcement (HERE), people went wild. First, the crowd that never liked hoards is more upset than ever. Second, the crowd that does support hoards had a mixed response. Some didn't like that we're being carried by slaves, using the same practices that we defeated Krokopatra for. Others, like myself, simply don't like the fact that it's all recycled furniture with low drop rates. They said new furniture, but the only new items are two tapestries to easily-accessed locations.

I hope that, if KingsIsle is going to keep releasing the things that are quietly forcing people away from the game, they'll start to make them a little bit less "items for profit" and more "created for the customer."

New Wizard101 Test Realm Gear!

Wizard101 has made their PvP update even bigger - with PvP gear of every type for every level range. Plus, you can now buy Amber and other reagents with tickets. I'm not a fan of the prices of these (and still not of tournaments), but this is a good addition. Hopefully, they'll make things more reasonable.

Here's a quick video of the new items (including a new spell on an amulet that gives 3 -25% Infections!). (Or watch this on YT HERE)

What's Around the Corner?

I've got some interesting things coming up, so stick around! Thanks for reading and see you in the Spiral! Credits: Thanks to Johnny for letting me photograph his mount.


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