Concept101: Point of Origin

With June nearing a close, and excitement very likely just around the corner for KingsIsle games, I've decided to do something special for the remainder of the month - every single day, you'll get the pleasure of reading a new Concept101 post, with a detailed analysis of one to three pieces. But that isn't the best part!

KingsIsle's Blog 

KingsIsle recently released their blog HERE, and Jeff has started explaining the concept process. Well, I'm going to being explaining that as well, hand-in-hand with their posts. Or maybe it's more like me forcibly grabbing their hand, but still...

We'll start with basic ideas, and move to the art, the 3D process, etc. There's more to it than you think. And with each segment, you'll see new art, and learn more about how KingsIsle first started getting artists and determining the style of the game.

Concept Credits

I know that there are several artists who requested their work not be posted, and a couple of people who have posted that work anyway. This was the reason I credited artists only by name. To respect that privacy. Now the door has been opened for others to post as they please, with no regard for that artist's plea not to. I take careful measures that not everyone observes.

It has come to my attention, however, that you'd like to know more about the sources of concepts. So when I do post updates, I'll be revealing the sources in each of the posts. As the series progresses, you'll first see the artists' websites that you probably already know, and later learn about the ones you don't. Be sure to stay tuned for more of the concept process, though!

At the beginning of July, any artist who hasn't been covered will have their blog added to the rest in a special post describing each artist and their style, with links to their websites.

Where It All Began

The title of this post is a double meaning - soon, through Concept101, you'll not only find the source of concept art, but also how it all started! The first post is tomorrow, and we'll proceed from there.

Thanks for reading and see you in the Spiral!


  1. What did you mean "Excitement likely round the bend for Kingsisle Games"?

    1. Well, I've heard things...

      Anyway, Wizard is long overdue for a new world, and KingsIsle never fails to surprise us. :P

    2. What "things" have you heard? *sneaky face*


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