The Slowpoke Sloth Races Into the Spiral!

Ever felt the need to go forty percent slower in Wizard101, Wizard101 UK or Pirate101 to enjoy the scenery and build of the game? Neither have I! Well, this is your opportunity with the 2013 April Fool's Day joke - the Slowpoke Sloth. This isn't an ordinary look, however. I've got something extra special for you...

Early this morning, Wizard101 UK users got the first look at a mount with a never-before-seen speed: -40%! This Slowpoke Sloth is probably the best and most complete April Fool's Day item yet, costing less than the rocks from years past, at 1750 crowns.

This sloth, as well as being a collector's item, and probably not available again until next year, is a must-have in all three games. And, with its price, you can buy it three times for what most mounts cost once - KingsIsle is getting smart!

This is probably the first sloth seen in Wizard101 UK. Of course, from there, they only multiplied.

This next photo is what seems to happen every time there's a new mount in Wizard101. People like to make big lines... Well, Paige Moonshade invited everyone to her house for a quick photo of the sloth line. Careful, I think one of those has some mutation...

But that isn't the best part! I've put together a quick little video showcase for you of the mount from both the Wizard and Pirate side. You'll definitely want your sound on for this one! Enjoy! (Apparently, my sloth can move to the music!)

If you are able to view it, there is a higher quality version here:

Thanks for reading and see you in the Spiral!

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