"Sloth Says" Contest: Win a Sloth Mount + Crowns and Rentals!

These sloth mounts have been pretty popular lately, so I've decided to give one away in your game of choice - Wizard101, Wizard101 UK, or Pirate101. Plus, I've got a few other codes to go only with it. Here's your chance to win a mount, or some crowns if you've already bought yours.

"Sloth Says" Contest Details

If a sloth could talk, what might his or her personality be like? Well, your interpretation is as good as mine, but suppose they're blunt and straightforward? Well, use your imagination!

I need you to use your "straightforward sloth talk" to tell me one thing you'd change about Swordroll's Blog - I'm always looking for criticism and a helpful hint. You must comment under a registered username that follows this blog so that I can contact you, but you may request that your comment not be shown.

Winners will be chosen based in part on how detailed and/or unique their suggestion is.

"Sloth Says" Regulations

  • You must comment under a username that follows this blog
  • You may request that your comment not be shown
  • Comment with your recommendation for Swordroll's Blog
  • This contest runs from the time of this post to Friday, April 5 at 11:59 PM CST
  • Everyone is initially eligible to enter and win, though I reserve the right to deny entry to anyone.

"Sloth Says" Prizes

1st Prize - One Gifted Slowpoke Sloth mount in your game of choice
2nd, 3rd Prize - One code for a 15-day Panther mount (Wizard101, with a chance of being permanent) and 2,500 crowns
4th, 5th Prize - One code for a 7-day Buffaloon mount (Pirate101, with a chance of being permanent) and 2,500 crowns
6th, 7th, 8th Prize - Random permanent Wizard101 mount

Start commenting! Thanks for reading, and see you in the Spiral!

The Fine Print

Remember to note that anyone is initially eligible to win, but I may deny entries from or disqualify anyone. Because I am not an official fansite, I supply my own codes from what I have won or purchase. As such, codes are only guaranteed to the extent that their original source guarantees them. You should also note that some codes have a restriction on the number of times you can redeem them per account, though it is sometimes more than one - keep that in mind. Prizes will all hopefully be available at the end of the contest. In the event that they are not, they may be substituted for prizes of equal or greater value. I reserve the right to make changes to these rules as I see fit.


  1. I would love a feature (not just yours but other blogs, too) where there is a button for us to click on to be able to automatically sign up for email notifications when there are new posts.

    Not that I mind the advertising on Twitter (how I normally find out about new material) but for me I think it's easier when I check my mail or get an e-mail notification and I can come here right away.

    Maybe I am just missing something with Blogger/Dashboard settings and someone (Swordroll perhaps :P) can advise me on what I need to do to get that email subscription.

    As always, thanks so much for maintaining your blog, Swordroll! I love reading your posts.

    Good luck to everyone!


    1. SorceressMiklai,

      There actually is a button that already does this. Bloggers are able to add a "Subscribe via email" widget which enables someone to simply enter their email address, and then they will get notifications about the blogs new posts.

      Hope this helps!

    2. I used to have a subscribe via email button, but I didn't believe anyone used it.

      I do know that if you were truly interested in it, I could personally plug your email into a list to receive the posts.

      I'll consider adding the old email widget back in - thanks!

  2. There should be reviews on items from the crown shop, so we know whether to spend our crowns on them or not.

    This should include Usefulness (i.e. if it is a companion: health, number of Epics, attack strength, if it is a mount: Speed, ect, ect), Looks, Price, Worth (The price you think it should be), and your opinion of quality (and for packs, items inside).

    Adding this feature would really improve blog user's and Pirate101, Wizard101 and Wizard101 UK Players's experiences as they will be less likely to waste their crowns on bad items that they'll regret buying. This would be a useful guide for players. It could go in a brand new review section of the site for an easy access archive of them, so whenever anyone gets crowns, they know what to get.

    Thank you, Swordroll, for your greeat blog and this oppurtunity to win a slowpoke sloth,

    Yours hopefully,
    Aidan Johnston

    Ps. Good luck to all other entrants.

  3. Well, your blog is so and so full of information, tips and tricks, but the thing you should add to your blog should be a "Training Points Finder".

    It could be like you put the NPC's name, location and quest (maybe also a little tip for the quest) and how much training points they give. You could do that for every world, so we couldn't miss a NPC for a training point in every world (except Zeke's quests, of course).

    Adding this to your blog may help a lot of Wizards, including me, since I miss some NPC's for training points (and I really need training points). If you do make it, you can add it in "Guides and Information" or make another tab/page for it. I feel tired and slothed of this writing, so I will go back to doing nothing!

    Before I leave to doing nothing I'd like to thank you for this opportunity to win some crowns for the great games Wizard101 and Pirate101. I really appreciate it.

    Antonio Lotusblood

  4. On Pirate101 you should talk more about where to get more nautical exp and in Wizard101 you should talk more about Azteca.This would help a lot to wizards,and pirates like me.

  5. Ok, I admit it, I just followed you for the contest, but I've had a good look around your site and I am quite impressed.

    Being new to blogging I was dissapointed that I could not follow you via twitter which I use a lot to follow my wizard101 sites. Not sure if it is possible but it would be nice if a tweet was published every time a new blog was made.

    I didn't see any information about pets on your site. I guess the guides would be the best place for it so maybe a guide listing all the first gen pets & another for the hybrids.

  6. Hey Swordroll. I remember meeting you in pirate101 beta. c: Anyways, back to the topic :P

    If I could change one thing about the site, which already has a pretty neat layout, I would widen the page and enlarge the font ~ Other than that, it's a really great site!

    I also guess it would be nice to see reviews on new items, your personal take. :)

  7. Hi Swordroll, other people gave you most of the best ideas and I just want to add one thing, beside 'widening the page and enlarge the font' as Rony mentioned above, I would suggest with pretty much room left on the left and right side, you can add some tabs such as wizard101 guides, pirate101 guides, pet guide..etc. It would be an easier and faster way to access those features instead of scroll down the page in "GUIDES & INFORMATION'. Just a thought, I'm not sure whether we can do that on blog. By the way, the 'Subscribe via email' button is good as well.

  8. If a sloth could talk I think they would be shy. Rarely talking. But once they get to know you they would be CRAZY.They would be loud and incontroll. You will feed them when there hungry not a minute before or after. They would be very bossy but still the best mount in the book. Even though they constantly control you, they act extremely nice and sweet. They will walk nice and slow so you can enjoy the decor of the area and they'll enjoy it too. The whole time you walk they will constantly be talking to you. They also show extreme amounts of affection like a cute kitty. They will lick your cheek like a precious dog and cuddle with you while sleeping like a precious teddy bear from your childhood.

    Of course every mount has there badside. They have a wild side to there personality. Always sneaking out there stable to meet female sloth or to party. They always sneak and drink your yum fruit but act innocent. They are so irresponsible but there your precious mount.

    1. If you're posting for our amusement, great work! :P

      Keep in mind, however, that the contest requires a recommendation for the website, however, and not a description of a sloth personality - just so you know!

  9. Yes, this website is interesting. I admit it, you should add more color and flavor in this website. Just like a cooked meat, it won't taste good if there is no flavor. And for this reason you should change the background to a brighter color to brighten the website. And yes, there is many ideas. And anyways this website already have the great stuff, and information. And just like everybody else, widen the pages, and font. I just followed. And another thing is that this website is too dark(for me; not really) And it would be great if you put a lot of pictures, I mean like for the background. And these are just my opinion, so change or not, it is still a great Website.

    Thanks for the Contests, really appreciate it!
    ~Brave Andrew or Andrew SunStone

  10. how's this for straight up sloth talk?
    mmmooorrreee cccooonnnttteeessstttsss.
    ("more contests" said slowly)

    i want more contests more things to win
    that's it

    thanks great contest
    lucas dodger

  11. Once there was a sloth, He found a Wizard that doth not talk, the sloth decided to make friends. The sloth decided to make trends.

    If a sloth could talk, he would say random, humorous things...

  12. All comments following this one did not make the deadline to enter, but I thank everyone for participating.

    Winners will be announced tomorrow, though I'll be contacting the winner of the sloth earlier to make sure we get that gifted before it leaves.

    1. How are you contacting them?

    2. I'll actually be contacting you through Google Friend Connect, which is why I had you join the blog. That way, you don't have to provide me with your contact information, and I can still contact you. Plus, then I wouldn't have been able to share your comments.

      You may have to approve receiving my message via my blog here, but I'll explain that in the post with the winners. If I have an alternate means of contacting you, I will likely do so.

    3. When are you going to announce the winners?

    4. I'll be announcing the winners sometime today.

    5. Ok, just so you know, I live in a different time Zone, so for me, the earlier the better.


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