Wizard101 Video and Photo Log

The Wizard101 Test Realm updates have gone live, and I've been doing things left and right. Between a creative video of the brand-new Crown Shop house and photos of event questing and secret rooms, I'm giving you a look at what I've been doing in-game, and what's new in Wizard101.

Exploring New Territory

I've just discovered how to get into the secret Krokotopia puzzle room. With gates, obelisks, pillars, levers, fires, and mystery, locations can't get a lot more enjoyable than this!

Hopefully, I'll be able to do a post on this, explaining how to get there, how to complete the puzzle, and how to make it more difficult if you find it too simple!

Red Barn House Fun

With the Test Realm going live, not only is there a brand-new music player, but there's this lovely house to put it in. It's the Red Barn House, and all plants inside and out will automatically like the house, making plants grow faster than ever. Plus, there's the summon pixie spell.

The house is available for 125,000 gold (less than half of the maximum) or 12,500 crowns in the Crown Shop.

Above, I posted a video I created with some fun sounds and a great tour of the house. If you don't want to see the whole thing, I recommend the beginning and end.

PvP Changes Tested

I've been PvPing just a bit on my level 90 death character. While this doesn't give a good indication of how the matching system works for mid and low levels, it does allow me to see how the Reshuffle update is affecting the game.

I'll be honest, I haven't gotten into Wizard101 PvP because everyone is always complaining about ho terrible it is. Consequently, I never really developed any skill there. However, I never realized how well-equipped Death characters really are. I've had some good luck.

Lost Pages Event

So, we figured out what events are. They're limited time quests with special rewards - Dragon's Hoard gear and mystery items in this case. Not to mention the many badges you receive from all of the tiers.

I hope that once an event leaves, it doesn't return. That'll be similar to what a lot of games do, and will offer unique badges to the veteran players.


Pirate101 is releasing two new worlds soon! To do them in the Test Realm... or to wait. Hmm...

Well, thanks for reading and see you in the Spiral!

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  1. DO THE WORLDS! Let us seem them! I intend on being level 50 by the time they're released on the test realm anyway, but it would be nice to see your take on them!


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