Unreleased Wizard101 Zafaria Duel Trailer

So I hear that you all think something special is on its way. Well, you'd be right! I've got a couple videos for you of a Zafaria Duel Trailer that was never actually used, but seems read-to-go. I've got that clip for you as well as some models of the characters used to make the video. Check it out!

The Video

Here's the video of the proposed trailer animations, apparently never used for an actual trailer. Why that is, I'm not sure. Your guess is as good as mine.

Turn your sound up! Also note that these videos can be viewed in High Definition, so turn up the quality for the best experience! You can also watch these full screen!

Impressive, no? These two lions dueling looks great. I love to see animated pieces like this.

In the Making

Before this type of animated trailer can actually be created, it needs models, textures, and all of the proper movements to become the characters and enemies that we know. Here's a video with a look at some of the items used in creating the trailer.

Happy Dueling!

What do you think? I was personally super excited when I first saw this, and I'm so glad that I'm able to share it with you! Be sure to keep an eye out for more bits and things you haven't seen before!

Thanks for reading, and see you in the Spiral!


  1. Where did you get it is the real question?

    1. I think your concern is that it's fake, as you expressed to me on Twitter. Here's why it must be real:

      - I admittedly have no capabilities to do anything like this at all.
      - If I did have such talents, I most certainly would not have chosen Zafaria or these characters.
      - Obviously there are flaws in the video. If it were mine, I'd have touched them up. It isn't. There's a reason this isn't completed footage in a commercial. Everything ends much different than it starts, as I'll show you in a few update posts.
      - Bottom line, I don't post anything that isn't real and not tell you in the same post.
      - The one thing that I did make was the Phoenix Bundle, and all you had to do was read one paragraph into the post to see that I explicitly said that it was fan-made. And even that wasn't a stab in the dark, it was based on evidence.

      I promise to you, sir, that this is a genuine video. As you can tell by my numerous other posts, I'm not here to trick you or argue with you. I assure you that this video is real, but you are free to believe as you wish.

    2. realy man! just belive the blog!

      -liam redstaff

  2. hey this stuff has not been released but on similar too it has been. it was called epic duel with malistair part one. yet dragonspyre never changed.

    1. Yep, those are different commercials. This one didn't quite get developed that far, and that's why we haven't seen it before now! ;)

    2. why do you think that?

  3. Why wont you say where you found the video?

    1. Well, I actually set aside time to look specifically for something like this. I spent hours on end searching. Now, not only am I sharing it with you, but I'm confirming that it's there if you go looking.

      I know that if I gave out the spot, it'd be all over the place, and my blog is just like that of your local news station's website. They don't go digging and do interviews and whatever else just to hand that over to another news station to post, but they do share it with you. Perhaps that's selfish of me, but it's how I'm planning on operating for now.

      However, if someone specifically contacted me asking for it a specific way, I'd probably give it to them. It's not a huge thing to me.

    2. Also, I know some people would be very polite about it and kind with it, but I know a lot of specific people who would take it without losing any sleep and disregard the fact that I provided it to them. These people have copied and pasted my pictures and information, and so I've grown more and more cautious over the years.


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