First Look at Pirate101's Marleybone With Screenshots

The Pirate101 Test Realm is live, and pirates are in full swing with stopping the Armada in its war against Marleybone... a war that Marleybone is losing. I sailed around and gathered information and pictures - you'll want to see them!

Impending Doom

Marleybone isn't at its best. The war is taking its toll. And, to get Catbeard's piece of the map, you've got to follow him to Marleybone, but not because he's fled, because he's been taken by the Armada as a prisoner of war arrested by Marleybone for High Treason and 500 counts of smuggling (Thank you, Alric Ravensinger, for the correction).

In this first photo, you see the beautiful skyway, with Big Ben way off in the distance. This was the clocktower in the teaser image. It is surrounded with other buildings. This is Wizard101's Marleybone.

Pirate101 Marleybone Westminster Skyway, Wizard101 Marleybone Seen

Marleybone in Pirate101 is a single skyway, with no arrows at all. That being said, it has a whopping four stormgates, only one of which is labelled MooShu, and that's the one you come from.

Natural Beauty

No, not the dogs! This shot shows just how pretty Marleybone is, with its twisting and winding streets, bridges, and squares, and houses and artifacts.

Pirate101 Marleybone Square

This isn't actually connected to the bridge that we saw in the teaser image; that's something separate.

From Isle of Dogs to Fun Town Pier

Fun Town? Who wouldn't want to go there? Well, after the smog of the Isle of Dogs (beautiful - take a look at that first image), we could use a little time off. These small houses next to the beach and pier are a perfect getaway from the Armada... or so it seems. There are some rather interesting cats here as well.

Pirate101 Marleybone Pier Houses

As Seen in the Teaser

This is the lighthouse we saw in the teaser. The edge of this island, still the Fun Town Pier, is, or was, inhabited by clockworks. It seems to be one of the last places you quest. Is Rooke here? Or Bishop, maybe? You also see Beachhead in the background, the Armada headquarters in Marleybone.

Pirate101 Marleybone Lighthouse

Also, remember the concept art of the shattered glass dome? If not, look HERE. Anyway, this looks like the place. Up some stair in Fun Town! Sounds like a good time, right?

Pirate101 Marleybone

The Pier

Isn't it great? The pier itself has a Ferris Wheel, and is off to the right, but this beach leads to the town and storefront up above, under the starry sky.

Pirate101 Marleybone Pier

The Armada's Great Defense

This is a photo of Beachhead, the Armada headquarters in Marleybone. Here are a variety of instances. This is a real trap, as the island itself fires at you and damages your ship, but you can't fire back. With all of the surrounding Armada ships, there's a high risk of getting boarded.

Pirate101 Marleybone Beachhead

This island, or stronghold, rather, is armed with tanks, guns, and all sorts of defense mechanisms. It appears to be where we encounter Bishop. I'm guessing that this is one of the more important locations.

Location Predictions

I've gotten some names, and I'm not sure where they fit, but here are some of the interesting ones: Bounty Hunter's Office, Cannery, Courtroom, Crokogarden, Meowzer's Lair, Scrooge's House, Snail and Newt Tavern, Underdog Lair, War Room, Central Core, Engineering, Main Battery, Main Battery Hold, Lighthouse, Glass House, Boardwalk, HMS Victory, Teapot Tempest.

This is one of the Taverns.

Pirate101 Marleybone Tavern


I've decided to look around a bit in the Test Realm, without spoiling the content. What will you be doing?

Thanks for reading and see you in the Spiral!


  1. SO EXCITED! IT'S NOW IN THE TEST REALM AND THESE SCREENSHOTS ARE MAKING ME REALLY EXCITED! I have to wait 4 levels before I can explore on the test realm but I can wait!

  2. Swordroll, how long after it's added to the test realm until an update is implemented on the live realm.

    Also, just so I know, when will you be publishing the post about my idea for a new world?

    1. It usually depends on the content. I've never specifically kept track, but I'm guessing it'll be at least three weeks before this goes live. They've got two new books, including the longest one yet. Two new worlds, a ton of new enemies and drops, 15 new levels, new powers and such that'll take some time for an adequate number of people of obtain, and just a lot of things to test and fix in general.

      I'm planning on doing a little newsletter about community posts and events each month. I'm not sure if that'll be the beginning, middle, or end, but I'm planning on it. With this new content, it'll take a good three or four days to wind down the excitement.

    2. Do you know what sort of companions eavh class gets in Marleybone and Aquilla and which world do you go to first?

    3. I'm not sure. I know that everyone gets Grace Conrad, who can summon a Golem Construct, and place a mine trap. I know there are some dog companions that I think will vary by class. No one is really sure yet, but I'm sure the guides will flesh out over the course of the next week or two.

      Marleybone is first. Well, actually, several hours of instances in Skull Island and MooShu are first. Then Marleybone, then some quests in between, then Aquila. I'll be doing an Aquila post like this one later today.

    4. What sort of instances in Skull Island and MooShu and why is the architecture so different between The Isle of Dogs and Fun town (I love looking at the architecture and culture of spiral worlds.)

    5. First, you've got to get rid of a ghost in a Marleybone church in Port Regal. I'm not sure about the second. The third is in MooShu, and there's a Yak that teleports when he's hit.

      I think that the reason for the difference in architecture is that the Isle of Dogs is very industrialized, and hosts a lost of factories and shops. It's about production and distribution, while the Fun Town Pier isn't so much for that purpose. It's for, well... fun! I think the buildings here are more like houses.

    6. Ok, thanks. Isle of Dogs looks like Victorian England and Funtown is more Tudor.

      Also, I would like to be your friend on Pirate101 Swordroll, would you like to meet up in game and become friends sometime?

    7. How about Catbeard in Subatu Temple Tea House at sometime today?

    8. I'm actually in Skull Island if you want to make it easier than that. Let me know approximately when you're available.

    9. Ok, may be slightly tricky as I am in the UK, but I'm sure we can work something out. How about 1pm US Central Time!

    10. I SHOULD be available about 1 to meet. I'll be by the Free Trader in Avery's Court - Jack Teach.

    11. Hi, can we reorganise our meeting to 1.20, I completley miscalculated the difference in time zones and I am doing something at 1 but I will be free at 1.20 if that's ok with you?

    12. After 1:00 will be tough. How about we just send a TFC for now, and we meet when we can?

  3. Okey dokey, I am Clever Aedan Johansson


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