First Look at Pirate101's Aquila With Screenshots

Pirate101 Aquila Sparta Screenshot

This is... Sparta! No, really. In that first picture, I'm standing in Sparta, located in Aquila. And I'm about to show you a load of inside pictures and information on this brand-new world... plus, confirm some locations that you'll be interested in!

A World of Epic Proportions

Unlike Marleybone, in which you gain five levels in one skyway, Aquila has multiple skyways. Probably two, not including the passage between them. Here, you gain ten levels. It's packed with locations, and the locations are huge. Take a look at just one of about three in a single island. And there are a good ten islands in a skyway.

Eagles vs. Snakes

We know that one of the major Aquilan disputes in between the eagle and snake races. Just beyond an Aquilan eagle camp, I found this beautiful snake fortress, and check out the creatures running around!

Pirate101 Aquila Snake Temple Screenshot

A Royal Search

So we know that we're after the one person's piece whose face you can't see in the image of the seven. Well, that opens the door for all new twists in the story.

This is a royal hall in Nova Aquila.

This next photo is of the Aquilan ruler. I love these eagles!

Pirate101 Aquila Screenshot

A Sight Worth Seeing

Aquila is absolutely stunning! This picture of two eagle warriors with columns and structures around them seem to say "pretty" quite well.

Pirate101 Aquila Screenshot

Even places of darkness are attractive, like this temple in the side of a volcano!

Hidden in Hills

We know we'll get to see a lot of unique temples and caves, and this is just one example. You can see a cyclops here. I'm wondering what else we'll be seeing.

A Sea of Monsters

This is a picture of Scylla, and its three heads (plus spawns). You've got to sail between these two evils like Odysseus did in a quest called "The Twin Dilemma." This is in its own skyway between the first and next skyway in Aquila. Each head is level 63, and all attack you at once.

Pirate101 Aquila Scylla Screenshot

New Locations, Revealed

I'm not sure where everything fits in, but I can confirm that the following exist: Cyclops Temple, Lair of Shadows, Chryssidas Cave, Medusa Cave, Pitch Bright Cave, Tent of Eaglamemnon, Troy, Troy Palace Entrance, Amazon Palace, Axwar's Lair, Cave of Atratus, Cave of Typhon, Cavern of Calamity, Graea Lair, Hydra Cave, Manticore Cave, Medeas Sanctum, Temple of Ares, Zeenas Sanctum, Coliseum Eagea Fight, Coliseum Training, Temple of Zeus, Labyrinth, Labyrinth Gates, Nevermind Cave, Temple of Poseidon, YooMad Cave, Sea Cave, Temple of Athena, Hephaestus Temple, Achaean Way Skyway, Ithaca Skyway.

Can't wait for the labyrinth!

Stay Tuned

I've got a second look at the second Aquila skyway coming up, probably tomorrow. What do you think? Thanks for reading, and see you in the Spiral!


  1. Seems like a mix of Grizzleheim, Avalon, and Azteca, but that's probably just my mind trying to put a label on it.

    1. Maybe a little bit, since each world has its own theme in history, Aquila's being ancient Greece.

  2. awesome!i love that my dream, fighting giant beasts in the air had come true!thanks swordroll and kingsisle!

    -liam redstaff/careful liam.


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