Concept101: Introduction

At this point, I don't know whether I've actually said it publicly, or just to myself, but I've always believed that concept art and the concept process were very fascinating. How something comes to be is always a question in my mind. And, believe it or not, concepts can tell you a story, as I'll try to show you throughout this new post series.

New Series!?

Yes! Starting tomorrow, I'm kicking things off with a big surprise for the first in the series of posts. After that, you can stop by every Friday for a look at another concept or two. Sometimes I'll have concepts you've seen before, and other times I'll have maybe some of you have seen, but not everybody has caught yet. Other times, I'll examine an existing concept from a new angle.

However, this isn't a one-and-done picture process. Concept101 will be a unique way of looking at various works, as it will offer a new perspective on all sorts of items. Besides making an in-game connection, I'll analyze each piece and what it suggests as far as the in-game translation goes and as far as the thought process of the artists go.

Exactly What is a Concept?

When I said Concept101, you probably thought all concept art. Sure, a lot of it will be, but there are other forms of creativity in the conceptualization process. Something can be entirely created in 3D and still get cut from what goes in-game.

Who Does the Concepts?

These concepts are all created by the KingsIsle art team, currently led by Dave Greco, the Lead Concept Artist. You can visit Dave's blog HERE. They do awesome work!

Great! When Do We Start?

The first full post is tomorrow, on Friday, and I'm starting off big! Following that, there'll be a post every Friday, so stop by to check it out!

More About This Post Series

The longest post series I've ever attempted to do was four long, and they came at random intervals. These will be scheduled for every Friday. Also, they'll be ongoing, meaning that there are no current plans to stop. I hope to prove that an unofficial fansite can, in fact, create a successful post series. I appreciate any help or suggestions, positive or negative!

Thanks for reading and see you in the Spiral!


  1. Can we ever get a baby elephant episode? The lost Zafaria mount that never was.

    1. I'll have to ask about that one! Maybe a future pack/bundle like the Velociraptor?

  2. May I suggest doing a post mentioning the fact that the new Pirate101 expansion is on the live realm!

  3. This sounds interesting. As a budding designer myself, I'll look forward to the instalments of this.


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