Wizard101 Azteca Giftcard & Pirate101 Aquila Giftcard

Well, I'll give you one guess as to what this post is about. Need a hint? Look up above at the two $20 giftcards - one for Wizard101's Azteca and one for Pirate101's Aquila. Pretty, huh?

Yep, that's exactly what I thought after creating them. Yes, creating them. They're player-made. So if you guessed "New Pirate101 Aquila Bundle!?!?" then you'd be wrong.

Pirate101 Aquila Bundle/Giftcard
Pirate101 Aquila Bundle/Giftcard

Fun With Artwork

No, see, this post is about me getting creative. I decided to create a template for each of these game cards. All you have to do is plug in a pet and a background, and everything else is done for you. I tested it out with these two bundles.

Creating the Templates

To get what I wanted, I had to take the logos and my pet images and give them the glow, like they have on the cards. From there, I cut out and pieced together the "Free Pet" symbol, which is always covered in part by the pet. With the addition of the FastCard symbol, and other cut-out bits, everything fell into place.

Wizard101 Azteca Bundle/Giftcard
Wizard101 Azteca Bundle/Giftcard

The Pirate101 Aquila Giftcard

For this one, I thought it'd be neat to do a snake pet, and it did fit well. To match, I chose a photo of Troy, a city of snakes, to go in the background. I quickly found that simpler pictures actually worked better than complex ones, as the cards had many details, but the background wasn't given much contrast in any way. To keep with that style, I chose this image.

The Wizard101 Azteca Giftcard

For this card, I used a neat image I captured in late-Azteca that was fairly simple and clean, while still looking interesting. On both images, to help out the empty space, I added a small vignette. In this card, I used a Lemba Moonskull style pet. I don't think we've seen one of those.

The Future of Giftcards

If Wizard101 and/or Pirate101 releases a new bundle or giftcard soon, what do you hope to see in it? If it's just a card, what pet? If it's a bundle, what items?

Thanks for reading and see you in the Spiral!


  1. Wow! That looks awesome! You're sooo good at graphics! I wish that Wizzy pet was real!

  2. hi again swordroll! I am the one who keeps sighning his name "liam redstaff" yes that's me!

  3. Well you certainly had me confuzzled! LOL Saw your post on Facebook & I was all excited for new cards & pets!!

    Take it as a compliment, though because these are really good, Swordroll *thumbs up*

    Maybe KI will see and implement these cards at a later (though closer to near) future date :)


    1. Hey, thanks! Maybe next time I'll try adding "Illustrations" to the end, but I don't like that my title is already on a second line! :P

      They're pretty enjoyable for me to do. I like to attempt to accomplish what KingsIsle does without their resources. And the results can be fun, too!

      But, if illustrations aren't your thing, you shouldn't worry. I've got a couple of more interesting things that aren't quite so "illustrated" coming in the near future! ;)

  4. These look wonderful! :) I'd love that, er, snake-thing as a pet. However, my skarakeet just seems so attached to me...


  5. Next time I think you could do a proper bundle, with loads of items. I would quite like to see you do a Cool Ranch Bundle, with like a Red Sash ship, A Jessie James (Red Sash Chicken, based on Jessie James, the Western Outlaw) Companion, A Hut on a house based on Hidden Valley Ranch, Red Sash Clothes and Red Sash Guns. It could be called "Chicken's Bundle"

  6. awww! if only they were real! now i didnt read carefulunough and looked online to see if aquila was out and lost it. still, thumbs up for creativity!

    -liam redstaff/careful liam

  7. The azteca card picture of it alone doesn't work for me, and i was thinking it was a little suspicious... hmm.. no watermarks... ;)

  8. WOW! You had me fooled... I thought Wizard101 was springing these bundles but it was all a clever trick from our friend swordroll.


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