Labeling Error Hints at New Bundle

KingsIsle has let slip that a new mount, and very likely a new bundle, is on its way. With new worlds on the horizon, and a recent lack of packs and bundles, this is an opportune time for a brand-new mount to show up. Here's where we found it.

A Revealing Mislabel

KingsIsle has apparently mislabeled all of its Hornocerous mounts as "Pygmy Gray Whale." It wasn't just a glitch (or not technically a glitch, just a wrong label) for one person, it worked for everyone. So I logged in and took this picture.

Look closely or click to enlarge that photo. Instead of the correct name displayed when trying to get on the mount, it shows this odd name. All of the other two-person mounts, as far as I can tell, are the same.

Ooh, Discovered a Concept?

Actually, that piece up there is the Jonah Town. I just got pretty creative with it and turned it into just the whale, recolored that, and then took out the city and ropes. I then added some clouds, recolored those, and added the bar at the bottom. Yes, this is a player-made concept in this case.

Besides that, it isn't quite what the mount would really look like. 

Fun With Cross Genetics

Curious what this mount might look like, I grabbed some images, and found two close whales - the Pygmy Right Whale and the Gray Whale. I combined the two to give an idea of what exactly it might look like.

A Bundle to Come?

We haven't seen this sort of thing with a bundle release, but we have seen it with other things. For example, a while back, Prospector Zeke was accidentally labeled "Prospector Prospector Zeke." Could this be a similar incident? Except, this time, instead of an extra title, it's the name of an upcoming mount that, perhaps, used the same template as the hornocerous.

Well, what do you think? Thanks for reading, and see you in the Spiral!


  1. Very interesting theory. I look forward to seeing if your hypothesis is correct!

  2. Thar' she blows! The wizards are headed to Jonah Town! lol xD

    1. Haha! Yep, that's where the whale come from.

  3. I wonder if a Pirate101 Companion is on it's way too?

  4. I am not sure but The Friendly Necromancer (One-Eyed Jack) posted something about the bundle and I think I made blog post about it on my Wizard101 blog (101 Adventures) about this same bundle with the whale so I think someone knew before even you, I, and everyone else.

    1. Oh, really? Can you link me to your post? As for Friendly's, his was an unrelated post for April Fool's Day, but funny, nonetheless!

  5. Remember the side quest that the pelican next to the docks gave? The whale really did buck Jonah Town off of it. xD


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