Pirate101 Marleybone and Aquila Preview Video

Not everybody has access to the Test Realm, and not everybody wants to know everything about the Test Realm. So here's a compromise, for everyone from those not wanting to know hardly any to those wanting to know everything.

I've put together a two-minute video that has a fairly simple concept - walk around and look at all of the unique environments. However, the video ended up a lot nicer than just some walking. I went all over all four new skyways and docked or had help docking in just about every location. There're also some instances in there.

How to Watch the Video

I think this video turned out better than I expected. So you've got to watch it the best you can! I recommend the large player on YouTube, with the sound all the way up. I've used a louder version of my new favorite Wizard101/Pirate101 soundtrack - the one from the Marleybone skyway!
Also, pay close attention. Between the labyrinth, Meowiarty, and a variety of other interesting creatures, enemies, and locations, there's plenty to see. Made up of over 50 files, this two-minute video is one you'll want to see.

Finally, this video is available in HD, so turn it up and wait for it to load - it'll be worth it.

Making of the Video

Creating this video actually took a lot of hours, but it was fun and I'm very pleased with the results.
I do have to note that it would not have been possible without the help of Cret92 (Merciless Morgrim) as well as a variety of other in-game friends who allowed me to teleport back and forth, and even people like Kelsey Fireheart who docked me at areas I couldn't normally get to.

Hope you like it - let me know what you think! Thanks for reading and see you in the Spiral!


  1. Very good. I have now finished the game but I am only level 44 on the test realm and on the quest where you fight General Tso and Rooke. Your blog is the closest I can ever get to Marleybone and Aquilla until they're released!

  2. WOW! Seems like we're seeing a whole different side of Marleybone!

  3. Four?I thought it was three skyways that were added unless they surprised us and we are going the Aibian Skyway, the one where the foxes live in.

    1. Well, two are awfully small. Sort of mini-skyways, but skyways all their own.

  4. Marleybone is going to add Thrall Skyway to its world and also Skull Island to add Bergo Skyway, A Rajah colony. Thrall Skyway is where Wharfratton, the Wharf Rats' Headquarters and also add some stormgates there and some cool new companions to the game in both Thrall and Bergo Skyways.


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