Pirate101 Content Preview!

As expected, Marleybone and Aquila are on their way! Both require an orange windstone, so it'll be interested to see how they work with this one. I'll offer you a look at what has been posted so far, and what you can expect to see in the coming days.

Check These Sites

Tomorrow, when all pieces are released, I'll be posting seamless, complete images. So those of you who can't scale and line up pieces, don't worry!

As of this post, sixteen of twenty-eight pieces have been posted, and they'll all be out by midnight tomorrow. While I will provide the finish images tomorrow, if you want a real sneak peek, you'll have to assemble them on your own today. You can visit the fansites and get their pieces at https://www.pirate101.com/free_game/fan_sites/.

What Pieces Should I Have?

...and where do hey go? I've got answers! The puzzles are 7x2, with fourteen pieces each. This is the Marleybone map that shows the pieces you should have. Now where they are and where each one goes is up to you to figure out.

 If it wasn't assumed, the crossed out numbers are the pieces we have. Here's the Aquila set.

Two Worlds at Once?

It's true, both are coming at once. Normally, one new level cap, world, set of bosses and drops, Zeke quest, new powers/spells, etc. is a lot for me. Now two? I'm not sure what I'll do.

They both require the same windstone, so we should gain access to both at once. Clearly we're going to Marleybone to deal with the war we started between them and Valencia. Then there's also Rooke, who happens to be in Marleybone with urgent business. He'll probably be our next big defeat.

Aquila, though. I'm not sure about that one. With it work like the beginning of Wizard101, where there are multiple main quests that you've got to complete independently? Will we go back and forth? One then the other? And what's this lead that Avery has?

Your Opinion

What do you think we should expect? Let me know in the comments! Thanks for reading, and see you in the Spiral


  1. Yay! New worlds! Wonder when these will be released! I have also suggested and idea for a world on Pirate101 forums which features Marleybone, so this is uite convenient. Hopefully they use my world! Swordroll, if you could show some support I'd be greatful.


    1. Could you prehaps post my idea on your blog or comment on my idea.

  2. At this point I would assume Rooke needs to go to Aquila for the translation of the map piece, THEN head to Marleybone on urgent business (simply because his dialog denotes "and then" between the two actions). Even though we will likely be able to visit both starting at the same time, I have a feeling Aquila proceeds Marleybone (Marleybone being the cultimating battle with Rooke).

    1. I'm not quite sure how he'll translate it, as the final NPC in MooShu told us that he could not translate our pieces without the whole map.

      Also, Avery was excited about some sort of new lead when we returned to him. I'd say that you're right in the order, but that we'll visit Aquila because of Avery's lead, and then proceed to Marleybone not only to deal with the war we started between them and Valencia, but also to figure out what Rooke's business is there.

      What's really strange to me is that this is supposedly only one book. All previous worlds, even ones without the maximum skyways, having taken two or three books, now we've got two worlds in one book? Or will there be more?

      I'm excited for this battle with Rooke. He'll be the Buccaneer of the elite clockworks, and our second major defeat. If they place it as expertly as they did with Deacon, it ought to be exciting.


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