Myth School Celebration and New Bundle!

Looks like Wizards vs. Pirates got pushed back just a bit, but there's more urgent news to cover! Wizard101 UK has released a brand-new bundle, and the latest school celebration is on the way! Make sure you know what's happening!

A Brand New Bundle!

One of the most exciting things to me is a new bundle - it means a new, impressive house, with an item limit that makes it impossible to fill the space. Plus, a unique mount, set of gear, wand, and usually something special like a game or tapestry.

Well, when this bundle first came out in the US, it was a big hit. Instead of a house, it is actually a housing item - a dungeon, with tiers based on your level where pets, snacks, and even crown gear drops. Plus, you get a cool new badge.

This bundle is the Pagoda Bundle, and it contains a variety of things that are really very neat. It also includes Wizard Club membership. To read more about the bundle, go HERE, or buy one HERE.

Myth School Celebration

The Myth School Celebration is just around the corner, and that means contests and parties! The first of the fun is up - create a Myth-themed banner for use on the official boards. Read the thread HERE. Where an announcement begins, a party is sure to follow, so keep your eyes on that thread for more details... just don't bother Cyrus too much.

Above is my entry for the contest. It features the Celestial Calendar spell in the center, and some other popular and defining spells above the words. Finally, I've got the Myth casting symbol looping around the words. If you make it larger, it is going to look a little bit worse than it does at first glance, just because it is required to be a certain size for potential use. What do you think?

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