Is "CrownsIsle" an Acceptable Term?

KingsIsle has long worked to please its customers, more so than most online games. So, upon the release of many packs, is it alright for players to label them as "CrownsIsle"? It has become a popular term on Wizard101 Central that even some of the well-mannered sort are spewing. Who is at fault here?

The Term "CrownsIsle"

The name "CrownsIsle" is obviously a spin off of KingsIsle. It's more than a title, though, it's a name used in a derogatory way to describe KingsIsle's supposedly greedy nature, and is especially used in reference to packs.

A Right to Packs? A Right to Call Names?

Here's the bottom line as far as KingsIsle's end goes: they have an absolute right to release as many packs as they like. In fact, if they so choose, they can release no new worlds and focus all of their energy on packs. Sure, they'd lose their customer base as well as their game reputation, but they reserve that right.

Now let's just make this clear here, you have a right to call KingsIsle CrownsIsle. You also have a right to publicly speak against the President with all of the words you could possibly imagine. Of course, that doesn't mean you should...

My Opinion

Here's what I think - KingsIsle is a company looking to make money. They're like Wal-Mart, McDonalds, or whatever else. It doesn't matter what product they're presenting or how they sell it, they still have one ultimate goal - making money. Now, it's great when a company can make money while doing things they love, and I believe that KingsIsle employees love what they do, but they still have to make money and profit. It's how we get new games like Pirate101 and expansions on current games. It's how KingsIsle can hire new artists and programmers, etc.

That being said, I think KingsIsle can definitely overdo the packs. If you're curious, yes, I think they've overdone it by far in Wizard101, that is evident. And frankly, it doesn't look like they're making any real effort to quiet the beggars, stop the scamming, or slow down the packs, and I really think that they need to, but that's beside the point.

What I'd like for you all using this term to hear is that, as a child, you were taught that calling names was not appropriate and saw firsthand that it only upset the other end. Now, we're back to our childish ways, thinking we're all-powerful because we're talking via internet. Guess what? There are other human beings at the receiving end.

Here's the harsh reality of it, though. Lets be honest, if you were a company's Community Manager, with countless outlets to read each and every day, why on earth would you read something that comes right out and insults you? It shows lack of judgement, maturity, and common sense. If you have the slightest interest whatsoever in anyone reading what you have to say from KingsIsle, quit using this term. Maybe there's a reason you weren't heard.

Think about it. You're asking for a new kind of food by biting the hand that feeds you. And they really don't have to feed you at all. In fact, with over thirty million players, you're not particularly relevant (PoI and 300th post reference!) to them.


I hope you'll all consider the power of words, and use your weapons carefully. I would love to hear your opinions via comment! Thanks for reading and see you in the Spiral!


  1. I'll just leave a quick answer to the topic question at the top: No.

  2. It's inappropriate, rude and rather ungreatful to begin insulting a company which have given you such great games and have kept those games running and have been expanding them for earing some money at the same time; if they don't get money, Pirate and Wizard get shut down- simple as. So stop being so ungreatful towards these people who have given you something great!

  3. I love reading what you have to say about all aspects of both games. You use your position in the community for very positive things and I look forward to reading what you have to say next! Personally I don't see where the complainers really have a leg to stand on, KI gives more to our community than any others give to theirs that I'm aware of...great article :)

  4. HOW? HOW? Could they say that about KingsIsle? They're awesome and the packs are obviously a way to make money otherwise they would be SURE to collapse soon. Do they want no more Wizard101? Do they? That doesn't feel right to me. They even have giveaways, contests on sites and people are COMPLAINING? I feel like they shouldn't. It's not fair to KingsIsle who works HARD to get us the game. Is it not enough to have friends able to gift you? Is it not enough to be lucky and win crowns? Is it NOT enough to be able to play without this game going out of business? COME ON PEOPLES!!! I don't have crowns. I rely on my friends to get me membership. I feel like they shouldn't judge KingsIsle this way. COMPLETELY free games will only go bankrupt and you can't play it anymore. DO THEY WANT THIS? That is the question.

  5. I don't have too much of a problem with the packs. I mean, if you don't like the packs then don't pay for them. I do, however, agree that Kingsisle is a bit greedy; but how can you succeed in global Capitalism without being greedy? I think people should be criticizing the customer service more than anything...


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