Complete Marleybone and Aquila Images

Pirate101 Aquila

Well, all of the pieces have been released, and the two images are complete. After slicing, dicing, cutting, pasting, shaving, trimming, and event reinventing part of the image that was lost, I think I've finally matched up all of the pieces pretty perfectly.

What Makes These Photos Special?

These completed photos are high quality, and not combined in any way. They're the original sizes, actually, so there's no loss of quality in scaling them up, and you get a full-size image that isn't scaled down. Each image is perfectly placed together, and there are no seams. Feel free to share these images.

Marleybone, Complete

Here's the Marleybone image, completed. Looks pretty great, with a lot of buildings and factories. There's even a London Tower Bridge spin-off in the back there. I wonder, will we see balloon cars as ships or transportation?

Aquila, Finished

Here's the Aquila piece. While I like the feel of Pirate101 Marleybone, I'm all excited for this brand-new world that looks spectacular!

What Do YOU Think?

Now that the images are finished, it can't be long before this hits the Test Realm. However, will you spoil the surprise there? And do you think we'll do both worlds at once? Or one at a time? They do require the same windstone - yellow. Why do you think it was changed from orange?

Thanks for reading and see you in the Spiral!


  1. I think these worlds will be just amazing, I know that's just one book but it's 2 worlds! Even if it's not the full worlds, it's a big surprise still. Also, I would like to be your "partner" on your Blog List, on the trade I would put you on mine "Pirate Mateys" list, is it okay? Thanks anyways.

    1. Hey, I'd be happy to include your blog, just send me a link!

      I'm excited for these worlds as well.

    2. Thanks for the chance, here it is:

      Already placed your blog in my blog list :)

  2. I really want to get level 50 (I'm level 44 right now) asap so I can play them on the test realm where they're released!

    Also, I would appreciate it if you would post something about my idea for a new pirate101 world on your blog and prehaps comment on it on the forum. Thanks.

    1. Hey, Aidan. I'd be happy to advertise your post, but I'll need a little time to do so, as I have planned out my posts.

  3. swordroll... do you really have to tag everything with ugh...

    1. I'm actually glad you brought that up...

      The reason for me tagging these is that, at the time, you couldn't obtain them this accurate, specific, and clean anywhere else. Not anywhere. You had means of creating them yourself. I, however, just put multiple hours into putting these together for your viewing. I'm offering them to be used anywhere.

      See, I never used to watermark anything. Take a look at my first months of posting. Then, someone decided to copy and paste all my images to Google. Or take an image and post in one their blog or website. Even, worse, people (including on official fansites and official fansite owners) who just take my images that they found on Google and use those. Furthermore, they wouldn't even give credit, just use them. That wasn't really fair, so I started adding watermarks here and there. Still, a majority of my images don't have them, just those that I put a lot of time into obtaining or that were specifically important. You see it on other websites plenty. In fact, some official websites even watermarked their individual pieces this time, and they didn't put hours into those by any means.

      Today, people continue to copy and paste even my watermarked images. So I have a pretty good indication of how things would go if I stopped doing it on the important ones. Consequently, there are no plans to change it. If I should someday find that these specific parts of the community quit copying my images, I'll return to no watermarks whatsoever. But for now, what I put time into will have a watermark, because it's just not fair for people to steal things.

    2. I agree that you should watermark your images and you make a good point about Official Fansites/Owners stealing your pics and even guides as well. I myself have seen this and it is shocking and appalling. Kingsisle should be moderating these fansites better and giving sanctions. It's bad enough that random people steal your stuff, but when Official Fansites do it, it's just very, very sad and disappointing. People should not be allowed to take credit for work they did not do.

    3. I'm not pointing them out specifically, I'm saying that they're the extremity of it. KingsIsle doesn't need to moderate fansites by any means, they all do a fine job, and they're all worthy of being official. Because of that, I hold them to high standards and tend not to hold back recommendations when I have them.

      It is very unusual that it's them, but it does and has happened. That wasn't the point of the comment at all, though.

      But yes, the fact that people should not get credit for work they did not do was my only point. It doesn't make sense and it isn't fair. That's why, when I find sites that steal images from Central, Paige Moonshade, Kelsey Fireheart, or other owners, I try to point it out to them so that they can handle it, and each one has a different way of going about that.

      That's kind of how this is my way of going about dealing with the stealing of images without permission or credit. I'm not saying that my way is the best, and that anyone else in wrong, it's just what I do. I only ask that others respect that.

      Today, a conversation came about that involved watermarking, and I think some people were under the impression that I thought it was entirely wrong, and then did it myself, which is not the case. I simply believe that it is not right in all cases, and what those cases are are going to vary based on who you're talking do. Regardless of what I or others think, however, it isn't wrong to share opinions on that, and it isn't wrong to DO that. We have to respect that and each other.


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