Easter Farming Post-Event Details

Just two days ago, a couple of Wizard101 UK fansites hosted a farming event for all wizards, members and not, for a chance to obtain Easter gear of all sorts - various wands and all of the pieces of the bunny outfit. It was a event planned for a little while, but announced last-minute. However, we still had a great turn-out, and filled as many as five areas in our realm, with fansites spread all across them.

Here are a couple of neat things about our event:

  • Several pieces of gear were won, including at least one bunny suit in our hour of farming
  • I earned a couple of badges; I'll bet I wasn't the only one
  • Lots of drops were received all around - lots of potential gold
  • A lot of people had questions and friend requests that fansiters were able to answer and accept
  • Gameforge was there and happy to help
  • A couple of lucky wizards received Easter Egg codes with various items ranging from elixirs and packs to outfits and pets to permanent mounts

Speaking of eggs, here's a list of winners. Do keep in mind that, while spread among realms, fansiters did their best to coordinate and spread prizes. Not everyone is able to receive a prize, and our distribution is never perfect.
  • Red Egg - Destiny Lotusgarden
  • Orange Egg - Destiny Dreamcatcher
  • Yellow Egg - William Dragonheart
  • Green Egg - Katie Deathsword
  • Blue Egg - Still Available! Click HERE!
  • Indigo Egg - Still Available! Click HERE!
  • Violet Egg - Katie Deathsword
  • Golden Egg - Not currently documented, looking into it.
Stay tuned! There's a party in the works for next weekend! Thanks for reading, and see you in the Spiral!

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