Wizard101 UK Farming Event This Weekend

Easter is here, and that means that the Bunny Suit along with holiday wands are up for grabs! What is perhaps one of the easiest places to obtain these items in Lord Nightshade, the last boss in Wizard City, who can be accessed by all players regardless of whether or not they are a club member. So, tomorrow, a couple of your fansite owners are going to team up with you, the readers, to try and get these items.

As Balance, I'll be using Dragonblades, and shields of every school, with a couple of small attacks where necessary. Your other hosts are Kelsey Fireheart, owner of Stars of the Spiral, and Antonio, owner of Wizard101 World. All of our wizards are pictured below with their names - you'll know that someone is a host based on those pictures. (If Anna or Mason or anyone else is helping out, we'll make clarifications at the time of the event.)

Now just when and where are we meeting up and farming? Here are the details:

  • Time: 2-3 PM CST, 7-8 PM BST
  • Location: Ambrose Realm, outside of Nightshade's Tower
  • Activity: Nightshade farming for Easter gear
  • Organization: Depending on the number of people, we'll go in groups of 3-4, with a host in each group if possible. Farm on your own or with your friend, just come along for the fun!
  • RSVP: None necessary! Just show up tomorrow to farm for gear! 

Pass the news on! See you all there!

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