Swordroll's Blog Quick Fixes

Hey, everybody! No new updates quite yet, but I made some quick fixes to a small number of problems here and there, and thought I'd let you know. Beyond that, keep an eye out for and report any bugs you find on the website. Thanks!

What I've Fixed

Here are the changes I've made recently to the website.

Cosmetic Errors
  • The navigation bar will no longer appear on top of the photo preview window in Google Chrome
  • Code Grab is no longer possible due to the fact that you must log in to win codes; it has been removed
  • White space at the bottom of the page has been minimized
Functionality Issues
  • The Wizard101 UK website link has been updated to reflect that of the new address
  • Wizard101, Wizard101 UK, and Pirate101 website links will now open in new tabs
General Cleanup
  • Websites that had not posted in more than six months have been removed from the blogroll
  • Additional blogs have been added to the blogroll - let me know if you'd like yours added
Known Bugs
  • Embedded videos are displaying on top of the navigation bar in Internet Explorer
  • I would like to remove more white space from the bottom of the page
  • Blogger's "Lightbox" is not working, hopefully the issue will be resolved shortly
Get Involved
As I noted on the Submissions Page, having a design that is NOT a pre-made template means that there's plenty of room for potential bugs, and I've got to single-handedly (well, I won't say that... I've got some good people who will occasionally answer my questions) fix them. You can help me out by letting me know what's wrong, what doesn't look right, or what needs to be changed. Check out the Submissions Page, a subdivision of the Community page, for more information on submitting opinions, suggestions, and bugs.

Thanks for reading and see you in the Spiral!

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