Wizard101 Shaman's Lore Pack!

Wizard101 has released its latest pack with a couple of new twists. It's the Shaman's Lore Pack, and there's new gear, wands, furniture, and some spells and a pet to win! I'm giving you a quick look at what's available and what I came out with after spending only four dollars or so on this pack.

The Pet

It seems that a lot of people are obsessing over the new pet - the Leaf Foot. If you don't have crowns, you can still get this guy via hatching, but he's a photo for now. This is actually a hatched Leaf Foot, so those talents are going to vary. The pet seems to start out with the Guiding Light card, and then get the Brilliant Light card later on.

Cards and Treasure Cards

The most notable items from this pack are three of the crafted spells - Savage Paw, Lord of Night, and Winter Moon. I was very fortunate to receive the Death spell on my Death wizard!

One thing that's really neat about this pack is that they've got a load of unique treasure cards that are actually worth having, as opposed to the usual fillers in other packs. Besides the three cards that can be used for crafting, there are some other pip-saving spells. For example, take a look at that four-pip "Aftershock" spell. It's essentially an Earthquake with a little bit less damage for two fewer pips. Yikes!

Gear and Wands

There are nine pieces of gear per level tier, and I snagged five in the level 90 tier. The gear in these packs is actually quite impressive. The cards are Fire, Balance, and Ice themed, but they can be utilized by multiple classes, especially the ones on the hats.

I got only one of the three wands in my tier, with some Armor Piercing, and decent block and above-average critical. Some of these wands are pretty nice, as well.


There's also some great new bobbleheads and equipment to take a look at, and I can definitely see some uses for it.

A Final Word

Now, a couple of issues were brought up with the pack. Number one, we've seen a long downtime in Wizard101. Hopefully this isn't all they're working on. Many would prefer to see new content in the works.
Second, the gear in the last two or three packs really has been good, and the wands even further back. Because it's buried in a pack, some question its fairness for subscribers or even crowns players.

I've got a couple of questions for you, then - have you tried the pack? Any luck? What's your opinion on these packs? Thanks for reading and see you in the Spiral!


  1. I have gotten the Proud Jaguar Outfit on test realm, and the wand on Live Realm. No matter how many crowns i spend on test and/ or live i cannot get The outfit on live and the wand on test.

    Any help wold be appreciated.

    -Aaron FireEyes

  2. Is it likely that you get the spell that matches your school? I am death and i really want the death spell.

    -Gavin Deathwalker

    1. You know, KingsIsle has never really released numbers on your chances of getting cards, but I'd say it's completely random which spell you get. I've gotten a Death spell on my Death and I've gotten a Myth spell on my Death. If you're lucky enough to get a spell period, there's no telling which one it will be.


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