Get Your Green On!

Happy St. Patrick's Day from Swordroll's Blog to you! After you're done taking a look at that partial desaturation illustration with a green overlay (a.k.a I took color out on parts of it, and painted some green on), then check out these great events centered around today in Wizard101, Wizard101 UK, and Pirate101!

Mark Your Calender!

Some of these events are just starting, and some are ending soon! Be sure to keep track of what's happening when and where it's happening and why... just write it down!

Save Green on Green!

During this event in Wizard101, you can save 50% off these green items in the Crown Shop:
  • Crokagator & Sea Turtle Mounts
  • Sea Turtle, Earth Walker, Jade Oni and Green Cat Thug Pets
  • Moolinda's Green Thumb Pack
  • Ninja Fig, Ivy League, Key Limes and King Parsley Plants
  • Life House
  • Bundle of Fun, Jade Trophy and Green Teleporter Housing Items
  • Life Amulet
  • Viridian-Charged Wand
Hurry and make your purchases, though, as this sale ends tonight! While you're stocking up on green items, grab some crowns, which are on sale - 60,000 for just $60 until tonight as well!

You can also visit the Wizard101 Fansites to win a variety of cool prize packs! Learn more by visiting individual fansites, found on THIS page.

A Colorful Holiday in the UK!

Wizard101 UK is celebrating St. Patrick's Day with a variety of events, including the arrival of Pat O'Gold to the Spiral. Here's a message from Harold Argleston:
The rainbow gate from Avalon has brought Pat O'Gold coming back to the Spiral to outfit you in gear for Saint Patricks. In the Shopping District you will find Pat O'Gold starting on Friday, 15th of March and stay until Monday, 18th of March so don't miss out on this golden opportunity.
Learn more about your opportunities HERE.

Crowns, Gold, and More!
Looking to further stock up on your "green supplies"? Pirate101 is also having sale. You can save on Crown Shop gear, ship upgrades, and even various items from vendors around the Spiral!

Pirate101 is also where the contests are really heating up! There are contests all over for up to 50,000 crowns! Plus, there's gold, items, and a variety of other prizes up for grab! You can learn about these contests on the individual fansites HERE.

Ready, Set, Go

Now you know what's happen - so go out and enjoy the festivities! Thanks for reading and see you in the Spiral!

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