Wizards vs. Pirates Polls Open!

It's March and it's here! I'm opening up a new month-long event called Wizards versus Pirates! In this March madness competition, it'll be your responsibility to represent your favorite game to the best of your ability in a number of ways.

Today, initial polls have opened up on Wizard101 Central, Pirate101 Central, and the official Wizard101 UK Boards. Visit all three areas and give your input on your favorite game! Now don't worry, I'm taking several important factors into account - the length of time that the games have been released, the number of fans registered on each site, etc.

Wizard101 Poll

Pirate101 Poll

Wizard101 UK Poll 

Some of the things I'll look at involve which game offers a better system for this or that, which has what problems, and so and so forth.

Of course, though, the event is not Wizard101 vs. Pirate101. What I mean is that we're not lining up the games and picking the one that looks best. We're, or I'm, rather, taking comments from both wizards and pirates, and making the argument in that way!

Get involved, and have fun! Expect posts with your comments in the coming months! Short one for now! Thanks for reading, and see you in the Spiral!

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