When Does Constant Fighting Make For a Positive Experience?

Political debates? Wait, no... PvP! So we all know about Wizard101. Most of us know about the Centrals. Maybe half of us are aware of all of the fansites. Less than that know about the fansites beyond the official list. Beyond that, though, there are even more groups within the community!

Maybe you're a #Twizard or #Twirate? Is Facebook your thing? A constant Gmail chatter? I was familiar with a number of these areas, but recently discovered a new one - the PvP community. I initially figured that several of these groups would overlap, and they do to some extent, but I quickly discovered that this was a whole new group of great people!

I quickly signed up for PvP Central and joined a ladder. You see, Wizard101 PvP was something that I only ever did for fun. I never explored the specifics, and always considered myself a casual player. Rather than efficiently, I was always using a more relaxed and enjoyable style.

In Pirate101, I came across an odd difficulty curve. At the beginning of the game, I actually found things to be more difficult than later on, probably due to the fact that my crew choices were limited, and I was dealing with the absolute minimum. As the game progressed, I was introduced to more powers, tougher enemies, and additional crew members. 

Perhaps I simply got smarter about what talents I needed to train and how I needed to play out my battles. Either way, one thing was clear - the battles just weren't fulfilling my need for a good challenge. In fact, the five temples in Maruzame Castle are the five final battles of the game. I could actually leave myself in those temples, and complete the battles purely off of companion talents. And so, I decided to challenge something that could... think for itself.

PvP has given me that opportunity. And this PvP community has presented me with a variety of options for Wizard101 and Pirate101. In fact, I've joined my first tournament - I'm Jack Teach on the Pirate101 ladder HERE.

If you aren't a "PvPer" and are nervous that things wouldn't work out for you here, don't completely ignore the community! In fact, there are all levels of skill on the ladders on PvP Central. Plus, even if you don't win, it's still a load of fun! Plus, each new battle is a learning experience like no other that will maximize your efficiency and test your combat abilities. Of course, you can always go causal when you get back to PvE... But I should warn you, if you even partially enjoy PvP, you may never turn back!

And with that, I'll send you off to investigate those new areas! Thanks for reading, and see you in the Spiral! Oh, and, uh...

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